Labour MP Margaret Hodge slams ‘fearmongering’ trolls comparing vaccine passports to Holocaust 

Jewish Labour MP Margaret Hodge slams ‘fearmongering’ trolls who sent her ‘disgusting’ emails comparing vaccine passports to the Holocaust Dame Margaret Hodge spoke out against trolls sending her ‘disgusting’ emails  The emails drew similarities between vaccine passports and the Holocaust MP accused trolls of ‘fearmongering’ and important to have ‘grown-up’ debate  By Bhvishya Patel For … Read more

Welsh NHS chief is disciplined for comparing non-Welsh speakers to black victims of apartheid

English NHS chief working in Wales is disciplined for comparing plight of non-Welsh speakers to black victims of apartheid James Moore compared non-Welsh speakers to South African apartheid  Mr Moore worked for Health Education and Improvement Wales for 18 months He wrote that it was time for non-Welsh speakers to ‘stand up to the oppressor’ … Read more

Halsey slams German radio host Matthias Matuschik for comparing BTS to the coronavirus

Halsey is speaking out after the German radio host Matthias Matuschik stirred outrage by comparing the K-pop band BTS to the novel coronavirus. The 26-year-old pop star lambasted Matuschik on Friday in a statement posted to her Instagram Stories. She has a personal connection to the wildly popular Korean boy band after cowriting and performing … Read more

Megyn Kelly criticizes LA Times columnist comparing Trump-supporting neighbors to Nazi sympathizers

Megyn Kelly is leading criticism of a Los Angeles Times columnist who compared her neighbors to Nazi sympathizers and Hezbollah because they backed Donald Trump. The Brooklyn-based author, Virginia Heffernan, wrote in Friday’s paper that the ‘Trumpites’ next door to their ‘pandemic getaway’ in upstate New York had plowed her drive after a snow storm. … Read more

Piers Corbyn denies being anti-semitic after creating leaflet comparing jab rollouts to Auschwitz

‘It’s absurd’: Piers Corbyn denies accusations of anti-semitism over leaflets comparing Covid-19 vaccine rollout to Auschwitz Piers Corbyn is behind an anti-vax leaflet saying jab rollouts were like Auschwitz MPs and campaigners said the pamphlet was ‘beyond disgusting’ and ‘vile’    Conspiracy theorist said he couldn’t be antisemitic because he married a Jew He told Daily … Read more

ONS warns on comparing international GDP figures

Statistics experts today raised questions over whether the UK has really been the worst hit major economy during coronavirus. Analysis from the government’s watchdog pointed out that many other countries in the G7 do not compile GDP figures in the same way.     After Rishi Sunak complained that the data do not show the true … Read more

Piers Corbyn is slammed for ‘disgraceful’ leaflet comparing vaccination programme to Auschwitz

Covid-19 conspiracy theorist Piers Corbyn has been slammed for a ‘disgraceful’ leaflet comparing Britain’s vaccination programme to Auschwitz.  The brother of former-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, 76, came up with the ‘concept’ for a pamphlet which features a cartoon drawing of Nazi concentration camp. Above the gates leading into Auschwitz – where 1.2million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust – … Read more

Cervical cancer advert slammed for comparing women’s pubic hair to cats’ fur

An NHS cervical cancer screening advert has come under fire for comparing women’s pubic hair to cats’ fur. The campaign poster, which was shared to Twitter by the myGP app to raise awareness for Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, featured three cats with varying amounts of fur. The bizarre advert urged women to share an image … Read more

Kirstie Alley comes under fire for comparing Trump’s Twitter ban to SLAVERY

Actress Kirstie Alley came under fire on Saturday for comparing President Trump’s Twitter ban to slavery. The Cheers star was reacting to a comment from the American Civil Liberties Union which is also opposed to the suspension of the president’s account on the grounds of free speech. Alley, 69, claimed that tech companies now hold … Read more

Hungarian official sparks outrage by comparing Jewish billionaire George Soros to Hitler

Hungarian official compares Jewish billionaire and Holocaust survivor George Soros to Hitler, says ‘Europe is his gas chamber’ and slams his donations to liberal causes in shocking op-ed Hungarian ministerial commissioner Szilard Demeter made the anti-Semitic comments about George Soros in an opinion article on Saturday ‘Europe is George Soros’ gas chamber,’ Demeter wrote. ‘Poison … Read more