Berisha: Rama, enemy of freedom and vote, does not know the law and the Constitution

18:37 12/11/2022 In the speech given at the protest held this Saturday in front of the Prime Minister’s Office, the leader of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, called it a “tsunami of Albanian freedom” and expressed gratitude for the presence of citizens in this gathering. Prime Minister Rama described “enemy of freedom and vote, does … Read more

Biden says ‘no Amendment in the Constitution is absolute’ in new gun crackdown

President Joe Biden on Thursday described mass shootings in America as a ‘public health crisis’ and declared ‘no amendment to the constitution is absolute’ as he unveiled a series of executive orders designed to curb gun violence.  He started off on the defensive, declaring he was not trying to impinge on the Second Amendment, an … Read more

Donald Trump tells Pence to ignore the constitution and refuse to certify swing states’ results

Donald Trump tweeted furiously at his own vice president Mike Pence Wednesday to demand he refuse to certify Joe Biden’s election victory. Trump demanded Pence ignore the constitution and instead ‘return’ swing states’ slates of electors for Joe Biden to Republican-controlled legislatures who would then submit their own Trump electors. Pence has no such power … Read more

Celebrations across Chile as the country votes to rid itself of its dictatorship-era constitution

Wild celebrations have been seen across Chile after the country voted to rid itself of its dictatorship-era constitution left behind by Augusto Pinochet’s regime. Chileans voted overwhelmingly in a landmark referendum on Sunday to replace the constitution, long seen as underpinning the nation’s glaring economic and social inequalities. The result sparked celebrations across the capital … Read more