Ambassador Kim meets the president of the Constitutional Court: Integrity of the courts, necessary for EU membership

14:21 25/05/2023 American Ambassador Yuri Kim met with the President of the Constitutional Court, Holta Zaçaj, to congratulate her on her election as the head of this institution. Through a reaction on Twitter, Ambassador Kim says that the functioning of courts with integrity and independence attracts more investment and is required for EU membership. “Today … Read more

Kim congratulates the new president of the Constitutional Court

17:54 21/02/2023 “To strengthen the integrity and independence of the court” The US Ambassador to Albania, Yuri Kim, has congratulated Holta Zaçaj on her election as head of the Constitutional Court. Through a post on social networks, the American diplomat says that the judges will strengthen the integrity and independence of the Court. Further, the … Read more

Balla: The request for the establishment of investigative commissions will be considered after the decisions of the Constitutional Court

11:57 20/02/2023 The head of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party, Taulant Balla, has stated to the media today that disciplinary measures will be taken for the DP deputies who blocked the pulpit last Thursday. “We had a decision communicated by the leader of the session to some MPs, I remember Spaho or others … Read more

The Constitutional Court overturns PD for Beketi

16:54 27/12/2022 Rejects the request for the commission of inquiry After the Assembly, the Constitutional Court also rejected the request of a group of deputies of the Democratic Party regarding the establishment of a parliamentary investigative commission for the “Beketi” case. Through an abbreviated decision, the Court announces that the request of the democratic deputies … Read more

Berisha: The National Theater Act, a flagrant violation of the decision of the Constitutional Court

12:50 21/12/2022 “This is the only country in the world where a decision of the Constitutional Court is overturned by a decision of the government” The Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Party met at noon today. At the start of this meeting, the chief democrat Sali Berisha stopped at the start of the works for … Read more

Rama: Not every political conflict in the Constitutional Court. Kim: The time when judges were bought and threatened is over

12:32 20/10/2022 The 30th anniversary of the Constitutional Court was an opportunity, according to Prime Minister Edi Rama, to take stock of the confrontations with which this body has faced and which, according to him, has a shadow light. “With stamps of controversial decisions, with glimmers to glory and with unjustifiable stains”. But Rama says … Read more

The initiative for floors without permission is sued in the Constitutional Court

20:30 14/10/2022 The complaint was made by a group of DP deputies 28 deputies of the Democratic Party have submitted to the Constitutional Court a request for the annulment as unconstitutional of the government’s decision to seize the floors without permission. The draft states that the normative act is contrary to the Constitution, because it … Read more

Will Mike Pence be sworn in? New constitutional question as Donald Trump starts hospital stay

President Donald Trump’s sudden trip to the Walter Reed medical facility raised immediate constitutional questions – as the president prepared for an extended hospital stay just weeks before the election. It was set to be the first extended hospital stay for a sitting U.S. president since the shooting of Ronald Reagan in 1981. It was … Read more

Constitutional questions mount: Can Donald Trump be replaced on the ballot?

President Donald Trump’s positive test for the coronavirus set off cascading effects through the chain of government – and raises a raft of constitutional issues should he endure a difficult illness or lose his battle with the disease. The Constitution and laws enacted by Congress provide for a line of succession, as well as provisions … Read more