Veliaj: Those who talk about the newcomers left constructions without permission

13:15 13/12/2022 “To reflect who is competing for the Municipality of Tirana” The mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, has stopped in a meeting with the young people of unit 5. He spoke about the development of Tirana and the debates on newcomers.. “These are unrelated conversations in a city where 90% of the people have … Read more

Veliaj answers the opposition about the constructions

15:45 01/10/2022 “Problematic buildings can be counted with the fingers of the hand” The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, considers the opposition’s accusations of illegal apartments in the capital to be political and related to the upcoming local elections. As he participated in the presentation of the projects for the multi-functional center, he said that … Read more

Unauthorized constructions/ Salianji: Prime Minister Rama is responsible

14:40 29/09/2022 The deputy of the Democratic Party, Ervin Salianji, through a statement to the media, has denounced another building in Tirana with floors without permission, which according to Salianji has 34 floors according to the permission given by Prime Minister Rama, while in reality there are more. Salianji directly accused Prime Minister Rama, whom … Read more