Berisha: The electoral tour in the south, the most successful I have ever had in the south of the country

12:32 24/04/2023 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, after the electoral tour in the south of the country, said that it was the most successful he had ever carried out. Chief Democrat Berisha says that citizens in Tepelën, Memaliaj, Këlcyrë, Përmet, Sarandë, Konispol, Delvinë, Libohovë, Derviçan, Dropull, are eagerly waiting for May 14 … Read more

Rama: Our country aims to make proud all the little Luizas we don’t know yet

11:08 06/04/2023 At the graduation ceremony of the elite athletes, the Prime Minister of the country, Edi Rama, thanked all the girls who managed to become Olympic champions and represented Albania in the international arena. He said that these 7 sportsmen have not only raised the red and black flag, but also that of Kosovo … Read more

Protest on December 6, Berisha: Europe should see that it is coming to a country that ranks below Vietnam

12:58 19/11/2022 On December 6, the day when the summit between the EU and the Western Balkans will be held in Tirana for the first time, the opposition has announced that it will hold the next protest. But, despite the fact that the majority considered holding the protest on the day when the EU comes … Read more

Vokshi presents the candidates for the PD primaries in 18 municipalities of the country (Names)

18:17 18/11/2022 The head of KOKOE, Albana Vokshi, gave a statement after the meeting of the leadership of the Democratic Party. Albana Vokshi has announced the names of the candidates for the other municipalities of the country who will run in the PD primaries. Albana Vokshi said that the presidency, after examining the candidacies, made … Read more

Rama: To say that I will go to a different country than here is not possible, that is not true

16:47 16/11/2022 In a meeting with young people in Berat, the country’s Prime Minister Edi Rama stated that there are opportunities for employment in Albania, adding that nowhere in the world is it easy and that there are difficulties everywhere. Edi Rama: To work with those who consider the pride of being Albanian non-negotiable and … Read more

Movement with visas for Albanians, MEPJ: False news, there is no such initiative from any EU country

11:53 19/10/2022 The Foreign Ministry has said through a press statement that there is no plan, initiative, document proposed by any EU member country and no discussion regarding the possibility of suspending the visa-free movement of Albanian citizens. The reaction of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs comes after some news that have circulated … Read more

Local elections, Berisha: We pretend to be the main party of the country! Objective, victory

22:12 13/10/2022 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, said during the “Opinion” show that the objective of the opposition for the local elections is victory. He said that the Democratic Party aims to be the main party of the country in every aspect. Jonida Shehu: I want to know, according to Mr. Berisha, … Read more

Balluku: Albania did not invent the incinerator, they are used in every country in Europe

11:58 13/10/2022 After the ambassador of the European Union delegation in Tirana Christiane Hohman delivered the European Commission’s report on Albania to Deputy Prime Minister Belinda Balluku, they held a conference with journalists. Asked about “one of the chapters of the progress report, when it is said that the government’s policies on incineration contradict the … Read more

Police arrest man, 46, on suspicion of murder after woman’s body is found at a Suffolk country park

Police arrest man, 46, on suspicion of murder after woman’s body is found in the water at a Suffolk country park A woman’s body was found in the water at Brandon Country Park in Suffolk Suffolk Police have now detained a 46-year-old on suspicion of murder Detectives were said to be treating the woman’s death as … Read more