Ambassador Kim meets the president of the Constitutional Court: Integrity of the courts, necessary for EU membership

14:21 25/05/2023 American Ambassador Yuri Kim met with the President of the Constitutional Court, Holta Zaçaj, to congratulate her on her election as the head of this institution. Through a reaction on Twitter, Ambassador Kim says that the functioning of courts with integrity and independence attracts more investment and is required for EU membership. “Today … Read more

BKH checks on the villa in Hamallaj/ The Supreme Court deposes Ahmetaj, does not accept the appeal

14:27 11/05/2023 The Supreme Court has not accepted the appeal of the former Deputy Prime Minister Arben Ahmetaj for the controls in the villa of his co-habitant in Hamallaj. Arben Ahmetaj claims that the checks in the villa of his roommate are illegal. We remind you that on the morning of March 9, three representatives … Read more

Overthrew Berisha, the Supreme Court argues the decision

15:03 10/05/2023 The decision of the Court of Appeal with General Jurisdiction, which returned the case for the seal of the Democratic Party to the First Instance for retrial, is clarified. The second judicial level as the first argument aggravates the violation of the principle of “impartiality”, for a regular legal process. The black squads … Read more

The incinerators, Berisha-Dumanit: Mr. Commissioner, what prevents you from sending the affair to court?

12:37 03/04/2023 In a statement to the media this Monday, Sali Berisha spoke about the Incinerators affair, accusing SPAK. According to Berisha, the Special Structure against Corruption and Organized Crime has turned into a shield for government officials who committed mafia thefts. He called on the head of SPAK Altin Dumani to take the case … Read more

Berisha: The court decision predetermined by Rama

23:37 03/03/2023 “The prime minister destroyed political pluralism” Sali Berisha described the decision of the three Appeal judges as predetermined in the offices of the Prime Minister, after which he said that Edi Rama destroyed pluralism in the country. “Three judges in an unprecedented process against pluralism read the decision prepared some time ago in … Read more

Noka: Rama, he never takes the PD flag. There is no court in the world that overrides the verdict of free men

13:11 03/03/2023 The deputy of the Democratic Party, Flamur Noka, from the opposition’s national protest on “Dëşmorët e Kombit” Boulevard, has addressed the citizens, saying that this protest culminates in their unwavering stance. Democratic MP, Noka has accused Edi Rama that according to him he is practicing genocide on the Albanians, as no invader has … Read more

Hajdari: The President of the DP should be elected by the members and not by the Court

10:53 03/03/2023 “The court cannot treat the DP as loot“ While the process is expected to start in the Court of Appeal for the logo and stamp of the Democratic Party, the deputy of the Democratic Party, Rudina Hajdari, has stated that the president of this political force should be elected by a free vote … Read more

“Lobbying against the opposition”, Berisha: Rama cheated, the American court never lies

12:30 02/03/2023 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, spoke about the “McGonigal” case, as he said that “Prime Minister Rama cheated in Parliament”, while the chief democrat added that the American court never lies. Referring to the investigation file, Berisha says that Rama deceived when he declared in Parliament that it is not … Read more

Ahmetaj’s statements in “Opinion”, Balla: Let the Court speak

20:48 27/02/2023 Asked about the statements of the former deputy prime minister Arben Ahmetaj last Thursday in “Opinion”, the head of the SP parliamentary group Taulant Balla refused to comment. Balla told “Milori Live” on Klan News that the case of Incinerators is being investigated and the word belongs only to the Court. “I have … Read more

Fevziu: PD should not have brought the issue of oppositionism to a court decision

20:51 23/02/2023 The journalist and leader of the show Opinion on TV Klan, Blendi Fevziu, says that the Democratic Party should not have left the issue of the stamp and logo of the party that leads the opposition, until a court decision. Invited to the column “Milori Live” in Klan News with journalist Mirela Milori, … Read more