Headteacher accuses the ‘woke’ of ‘cultural racism’ for attacking black Conservatives

Katharine Birbalsingh is the headmistress of  The landmark report from the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities caused a sensation. Commissioned in the wake of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests last summer, and led by a panel of distinguished experts from a range of fields, it concludes that Britain is a model of a … Read more

Paleoanthropologist says handshakes are not a learned cultural behaviour but part of our DNA 

ANTHROPOLOGY THE HANDSHAKE  by Ella Al-Shamahi (Profile £10.99, 176pp)  David Attenborough once found himself in a ‘potentially hairy’ situation in New Guinea when a remote tribe charged at him with spears. Ever the gentleman, Attenborough calmly extended his hand and said, ‘Good afternoon’. The tribe members pumped his hand up and down. Granted, this was … Read more

Covid-19: People may choose to wear face masks in UK once rules end due to ‘cultural change’

Research on how well various types of masks and face coverings protect against coronavirus has varied but experts and politicians have generally leaned towards the idea that the chance of some protection is better than none. In the UK, face coverings were first made mandatory in for public transport in June and later for shops … Read more

Bruno Mars shrugs off long-running cultural appropriation allegations: ‘It comes with the gig’

Bruno Mars defended himself from long-running allegations that he engages in cultural appropriation of black music despite not being black himself. ‘It’s just – it’s Twitter, man,’ the 35-year-old said on The Breakfast Club during an appearance with Anderson Paak with whom he formed the group Silk Sonic. In the interview Bruno, who was born to … Read more

Celebs Go Dating Paul Carrick Brunson had cultural appropriation row with Joey Essex

Celebs Go Dating Mansion’s matchmaker Paul Carrick Brunson was involved in a ‘cultural appropriation row’ with Joey Essex, who was a late arrival to the show.    The Sun reported that Paul, 46, accused Joey, 30, of making a ‘racially insensitive’ comment in scenes which have not been aired.  Joey used the term ‘fo’sho’ during a conversation … Read more

Kendall Jenner accused of cultural appropriation for launching her own tequila brand

Kendall Jenner is under fire yet again for what many are deeming a racially insensitive business venture.  The 25-year-old model announced the launch of her own tequila brand – 818 Tequila – on Tuesday, saying that she spent ‘four years’ trying to create the ‘best tasting tequila’ on the market and finally did it.   Despite … Read more

BBC director of cultural diversity June Sarpong insists white privilege is a ‘fact of life’

BBC director of cultural diversity June Sarpong insists white privilege is a ‘fact of life’ – but backed reintroducing lyrics to Rule Britannia at this year’s Proms and insists ‘I’m NOT part of the “liberal elite”‘ June Sarpong said white privilege is rife as ‘unfairness is baked into our system’ She said that even white … Read more

Kardashians are slammed for ‘cultural appropriation and disrespect’ for Māori haka

The Kardashian family have been accused of cultural appropriation a countless amount of times over their long history in the spotlight. And on Sunday, the famous clan faced fresh backlash after sharing a video performing a Māori war dance.  Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans in New Zealand described the use of the ceremonial haka … Read more

Meryl Streep leads a group of ‘cultural disruptors’ who help a gay Indiana teen in The Prom trailer

There is over the top, and then there’s the new trailer for Ryan Murphy’s upcoming Netflix musical The Prom. In the first full trailer for the cinematic extravaganza, dropped on Thanksgiving Day, Meryl Streep leads a group of self-important Broadway stars as they descend upon a small, conservative Indiana town that has banned a gay … Read more

McDonald’s is accused of ‘cultural appropriation at its finest’ over its new Jerk Chicken Sandwich

Fast food giant McDonald’s has been accused of ‘cultural appropriation at its finest’ over one of its new Christmas menu items. The chain announced a new Jerk Chicken Sandwich for its festive menu, which also features a double Big Mac and a Celebrations McFlurry. But it is the Jerk Chicken Sandwich which has caused the … Read more