Michael J. Fox reflects on the progress made in ultimately finding a cure for Parkinson’s Disease

Since publicly disclosing his 1991 diagnosis and launching the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research in 2000, actor Michael J. Fox, 59, has been an advocate in the crusade to find a cure.  Partnered with Shake It Up Australia Foundation, an aggressively funded research agenda to the value of over $15million (AUD), has ensured … Read more

Hopes of a cure for brain cancer that killed former Labour MP Tessa Jowell

A British man could be the first person in the world to be cured of a deadly type of brain cancer by an experimental new therapy. The father-of-two was told he may have only months to live, but a year on, his tumour has disappeared and his recovery has been hailed by doctors as ‘extraordinary’. … Read more

HIV: Second person to naturally cure infection is discovered in Argentina raising cure hopes

The second-known person to naturally cure their HIV infection has been discovered by scientists in Argentina, raising hopes for a future cure. The patient, an Argentinian woman in her thirties from the city of Esperanza, was found to have no disease-causing or ‘intact’ virus, eight years after being diagnosed. A group of Harvard-based scientists announced … Read more

Man died of alcohol poisoning on Christmas Day after drinking whisky and hot water to cure a cold

A man who died of alcohol poisoning on Christmas Day without opening his presents had been drinking whisky and hot water to cure a cold, an inquest has heard.  Mike Dyson, 33, died at a neighbour’s house in Almondbury, West Yorkshire, on December 25 last year. Bradford Coroner’s Court heard he drank four whiskies with … Read more

Russell Tovey’s father wanted him to have ‘hormone treatment’ to ‘cure’ him of being gay

Russell Tovey has revealed his father wanted him to have ‘hormone treatment’ to ‘cure’ him of being gay. The Years and Years actor, now 39, came out to his parents when he was 18 and it took his father, George, several years to be accepting of his son’s sexuality. Russell told The Sunday Times magazine: … Read more

Julia Bradbury: My walking cure costs nothing

It’s helped her stay healthy and upbeat through difficult times. And, whether it’s a country hike or city stroll, the best thing about walking, says the TV presenter, is you simply set one foot in front of the other    I can still remember the lonely shepherd’s hut. Sitting lopsided on top of a volcanic mound in … Read more

Woman claims BOTOX in her jaw has helped cure her crippling headaches that were ‘ruining her life’

A woman who was plagued by crippling headaches that were ‘ruining her life’ claims having Botox in her jaw every three months has left her ‘pain free’. Keira Wallis, 36, from Guildford, told how she began suffering from terrible headaches three years ago, after a prolapsed disc in her back caused nerve impingement. She was … Read more

Experimental cancer drug hailed as coronavirus ‘cure’ in Israel

An experimental cancer drug could help hospitalised coronavirus recover quicker, researchers believe. Israeli academics today claimed 29 of 30 patients with moderate to severe case of Covid treated with EXO-CD24 made a full recovery within five days.  Further human trials are now needed to prove that the inhaled drug – designed as a medication to fight … Read more

Why spine operation thousands of teens pin their hopes on might not be a miracle cure after all

Even by the normal standards of Britain’s Got Talent – a show that unashamedly tugs on viewers’ heartstrings – it was a particularly moving story.  Julia Carlile, just 15, and her dance troupe MerseyGirls made it to the final in 2017.  Then it emerged that despite her remarkable acrobatic talents, Julia was struggling with an … Read more

How to dress like a grown up with Shane Watson: A ‘Sparka’: Fashion’s cure for the winter blues  

Here’s a question. What, right now, is the one item in your wardrobe that could lift your mood from sad to smiling? What’s the clothing cure for lockdown blues, that you’ll wear every day until the sun comes out? It’s not what you’d think — certainly I’d never have guessed it would be this until … Read more