Germany ‘needs a lockdown’ and may have to bring in curfews to curb virus health minister warns 

Germany needs to implement nationwide measures to break the current wave of coronavirus infections as quickly as possible, its health minister said on Friday. ‘We need a lockdown,’ Jens Spahn told journalists in a news conference, adding that nighttime curfews may be necessary to further reduce social contacts. He said that there were currently nearly … Read more

Is lockdown about to get TOUGHER? Matt Hancock refuses to rule out curfews or closing nurseries

Matt Hancock raised fears of an even tougher lockdown to come today as he refused to rule out a swathe of new restrictions.  The Health Secretary refused to speculate when directly asked if measures like curfews, limits to time allows outside homes and making masks compulsory outdoors might be brought in. He also ducked out … Read more

Sir Patrick Vallance admits there is ‘NO hard evidence’ that pub curfews slow coronavirus

There was ‘no hard evidence’ England’s controversial 10pm curfew prevented coronavirus from spreading, Sir Patrick Vallance has admitted. The chief scientific adviser said it was a ‘policy decision’ designed to limit the amount of time people spent indoors together – where Covid spreads most easily.  But he conceded the intervention was not backed up with any … Read more

Curfews, open borders and second waves: DR ELLIE CANNON answers your questions on coronavirus

The 10pm curfew seems ridiculous – it’s not as if the virus has a watch and only transmits at certain times, is it? A new 10pm curfew for pubs, bars and restaurants was introduced last week in England, Wales and Scotland as part of a package of new Covid-19 regulations. The hope is that the … Read more

Criminals face tough new ‘house arrest’ orders and curfews in place of short sentences

No more short sharp shocks: Criminals face tough new ‘house arrest’ orders and curfews in place of short sentences in shake-up of justice system House arrest could replace short prison sentences for low-level offenders They would have to wear an electronic tag and be under home curfew  Ministers believe this would allow offenders to keep … Read more

Israel brings in overnight curfews but stops short of full lockdowns

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced overnight curfews on some 40 cities and towns hit hard by the coronavirus. He backed away from reported calls for full lockdowns after an uproar by powerful religious politicians. The measures were announced late Sunday after hours of consultations with decision-makers.  Benny Gantz (right), Israel’s Alternate Prime Minister … Read more