Furious residents at war with developers over plans to demolish £300k home to build a CYCLE PATH

Developers are demolishing a ‘perfectly good’ house which is less than 20 years old to make way for a cycle path.   The £300,000 four-bedroom private home is set to be destroyed to create a cycle route to a new ‘affordable’ housing development. The move has prompted outrage from neighbours who say plans to flatten the house … Read more

Furious residents at war with developers over plans to demolish £300k home to build a CYCLE PATH

Furious residents are at war with developers over plans to demolish £300k four-bed private home to make way for CYCLE PATH through their suburban cul-de-sac The ‘perfectly good’ £300,000 four-bed house is in a leafy Cardiff cul-de-sac Plans to flatten the home are to build a cycle lane for ‘affordable’ houses nearby Residents in the … Read more

Women find bad smells more disgusting in the second half of their monthly cycle, study suggests

Women are more disgusted by smells in the second half of their menstrual cycle because their immune system is suppressed and they are more at risk of infection, study finds Jagiellonian University Medical School in Krakow scientists surveyed 93 women Found women were more disgusted in the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle Researchers say … Read more

18-year property cycle: Could house prices really boom for 5 years?

Could house prices really boom for the next five years? SIMON LAMBERT on the 18-year property cycle theory By Simon Lambert for Thisismoney.co.uk Published: 00:01 BST, 1 April 2021 | Updated: 00:01 BST, 1 April 2021 Against most sensible measures, house prices in the UK are too expensive. Whether you use property values vs rents, … Read more

Happy Monday is here! Britons hit outdoor pools at 6am and cycle at midnight

Cyclists and golfers were out at Midnight and swimmers doing lengths at dawn today as England tentatively stepped out of lockdown and straight into a three-day spring heatwave with temperatures hitting 70F (21C) this afternoon and 76F (24C) tomorrow.   In a video address, Boris Johnson wished the country ‘the very best of luck’ and said he … Read more

Council chiefs rule that hated High Street Kensington cycle lanes will NOT be reinstalled

Council chiefs rule that hated High Street Kensington cycle lanes will NOT be reinstalled despite Sadiq Khan-led survey claiming more than half of local residents support scheme Temporary lanes installed last year using cash awarded from transport scheme But they were removed in December after some 322 complaints were received This then sparked a huge … Read more

Pub landlord battling cancer to cycle around Britain’s entire coastline – towing his bed behind him

If your doctor broke the grim news that you had only one year of good health left, what would you do? Take the holiday of a lifetime, write your memoirs, plan a family celebration – or maybe all of those? When pub landlord Simon Aylett, 59, faced that question he had only one answer – … Read more

Alexandra Cane reveals her menstrual cycle has returned

Alexandra Cane confirmed her menstrual cycle ‘came back’ on Mother’s Day on Sunday as she discussed her health journey with hypothalamic amenorrhea.  The former Love Islander, 29, previously revealed that her hormones were out of balance and that she had stopping having periods after losing weight and managing grief. She subsequently disclosed she was suffering from … Read more

Sadiq Khan wants to REINSTATE High Street Kensington cycle lane

Sadiq Khan has today risked the ire of London‘s motorists by urging council chiefs to reinstate the despised High Street Kensington cycle lane. The Mayor of London is attempting to apply pressure on local authority bosses to restarted the loathed project. It comes after the scheme was dramatically scrapped in December amid a row between … Read more

More than 60 miles of cycle lanes are built across London in just a year

Sadiq Khan‘s cycling tsar has revealed 62 miles of cycle lanes have been built across London in the past year, despite a court ruling the schemes were unlawful. The pop-up lanes have been brought in to encourage people to walk or cycle during the pandemic, along with the widening of pavements and road closures. The … Read more