Humans develop motor skills later than other primates

Humans develop fine motor skills later than other primates because we have bigger brains that take longer to develop, biologists in Switzerland reveal.   Although ‘a big brain equals great dexterity’, humans have to wait relatively longer to develop full dexterity, allowing us to tie shoelaces, hold a pen or use cutlery.    Researchers at the University … Read more

Think tank suggests capital gains tax is applied to all homes

Capital gains tax on your home? Left-leaning think tank calls for homeowners to be taxed on house price rises to pay for coronavirus Social Market Foundation proposes 10% ‘property capital gains tax’ Left-wing think-tank calls for levy on all homes sold or inherited The tax would mostly affect middle-aged and older people, who own most … Read more

Spain COULD be suffering a second wave of coronavirus, say health chiefs

France has today told its citizens not to travel to Catalonia amid fears of a second wave of coronavirus cases in Spain that could start to affect British holidaymakers if it is cut off from the rest of Europe.  Norway has also re-imposed quarantine rules for people arriving from Spain while Britons have been warned … Read more

Tweetdeck back up after going down for an hour just a week after Twitter suffered a massive hack

Tweetdeck back up after going down for an hour just a week after Twitter suffered a massive hack Tweetdeck was failing to load for at least 350 users The site was acquired by Twitter in 2011 for $40 million  The outage came just a week after Twitter was the target of a high-profile hack  Published: … Read more

50s and 60s photos show UK holidaymakers at Butlin’s camps

Incredible vintage photos dating back to the 50s and 60s show holidaymakers at Butlin’s and lounging in the sun as they enjoy the best seaside hotspots.  The nostalgia-inducing images were recently unearthed in TopFoto’s digital archives and capture a fleet of women cycling down Clacton-on-Sea’s promenade on novelty tandem bikes. The snaps also include a … Read more

Coronavirus UK: Interactive map shows deaths by postcode

An interactive map which highlights coronavirus deaths by postcode in England and Wales reveals people in the North West were dying from coronavirus at triple the rate of those in London in June.  The map, which uses Office for National Statistics data, shows that one in 20 fatalities in the capital last month were caused by Covid-19, down … Read more