Is it time to BAN electric shock therapy?

Like a ‘zombie’ is how Gillian describes her state following electroconvulsive therapy for severe depression.  She was given the treatment after the birth of her third child triggered terrible flashbacks of childhood abuse and, in turn, major mental illness.  The 25 sessions of electroconvulsive therapy, or ECT, she underwent were ‘a worse invasion of my … Read more

Scientists discover ‘master circuit’ that controls how cells age

California scientists are paving the way to extending human life span after discovering the cellular command center for aging, according to a new study.  By studying yeast, the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) scientists discovered that cells take one of two paths as they age.  One of the two paths leads to healthy aging, … Read more

Which sun protection will keep you safe?

The weather may be unpredictable but, with skin cancer rates in the UK soaring 45 per cent in the past decade, sunscreen is a must this summer — whatever the weather.  Indeed, even when it is cloudy, the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can penetrate the skin and cause damage that can lead to skin cancer.  … Read more

More than 90% of coronavirus patients DO develop antibodies to the virus, study finds 

More than 90% of coronavirus patients DO develop antibodies to the virus that last for at least three months, study finds Researchers at Mount Sinai Health System looked at more than 19,000 patients in New York who had previously contracted coronavirus  At least 92% were found to moderate to high levels of antibodies that attach … Read more

DR MARTIN SCURR answers your health questions

Question:  Should I pay privately to have my teenage son vaccinated against HPV? I have just read that this virus is linked to prostate cancer.  Helen Wood, by email.  Answer:  A good question. Talk of viruses and v­accination has been leading the news in recent months, but the coronavirus is not the only one that … Read more

Bahamas closes all airports and ports to American visitors

Bahamas closes all airports and ports to American visitors – but tourists from other countries including Britain are still allowed Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis made the announcement in his national address He said  that he will be shutting down all airports and seaports from Wednesday The move comes after the country reported 15 new … Read more

River cruising sets sail again thanks to the Mail! Here are some of the best European inland voyages

There’s never been a better time to book your floating boutique hotel holiday The ropes are off and the joy of river cruising can restart after the Foreign & Commonwealth Office changed its advice to give river cruising the green light this week.  It’s something the Mail has been pushing for and we’re pleased the … Read more

There’s no music scene… but there’s still plenty to rave about on a Tui holiday in Ibiza 

Cat, from Manchester, is sitting by the pool, while her husband splashes with their three-year-old daughter. ‘We booked last minute, and I had no idea we were the guinea pigs,’ she says. They are — as I am — part of a 500-strong vanguard of British tourists on chartered TUI flights to Ibiza, followed by … Read more