Berisha: The floods, from the opening of the dams

15:37 23/11/2022 “Rama does not want to compensate the flood victims” After the floods of the last few days, Sali Berisha says that the thefts of the governors continue. The accusations against the prime minister were further strengthened by the meeting of the parliamentary group of the Democrats, when he spoke about the opening of … Read more

National Trust releases beavers into hidden valley on South Downs to ‘build dams and boost wildlife’

A pair of beavers have been released into a large enclosure in a hidden valley on the flanks of the South Downs to build dams and boost wildlife, the National Trust said. The male and female beaver have been introduced into a 15-hectare (37-acre) fenced area in the West Sussex valley, which was gifted to the … Read more

Most of the world’s 58,000 biggest dams are crumbling, report warns

From the Hoover Dam in Arizona to the Inguri Dam in Georgia, many of the world’s most famous dams are risk of collapsing, a worrying new report has warned. Most of the 58,700 largest dams worldwide were constructed between the 1930s and 1970s, making them between 50 and 90 years old.  However, most were only designed … Read more

Beavers cut trees for food ‘before they built dams’, study says

Ancient Arctic beavers were cutting down trees for food four million years ago, long before they started building dams, a new study shows.  Scientists analysed bones of the extinct Dipoides beaver and plant fossils from Ellesmere Island in northern Canada to work out what the creatures ate.    Isotopic evidence indicates a diet of woody and … Read more