Woody Allen’s first TV interview for three DECADES set to deal with Dylan Farrow’s accusations

Woody Allen gives his first TV interview for three DECADES to Paramount Plus for show that will address accusations of pedophilia leveled by daughter Dylan Farrow Woody Allen’s interview was conducted by CBS Sunday Morning reporter Lee Cowan in July 2020 but t seemingly never aired It will be available as part of a larger package on … Read more

Mother who was left ‘confused’ after losing 9st and abuse survivor look decades younger 

After returning last week for a new series of makeovers, the second episode of 10 Years Younger in 10 Days was a particularly emotional one, helping an abuse survivor and a woman who felt she’d totally lost her personality after losing weight.  Sam, 48, said she used to be a ‘big bubbly girl’ didn’t know … Read more

Coronavirus immunity could last DECADES for some people – but only days for others

COVID-19 survivors’ immunity could last DECADES for some – but it only last days for others and 11% never develop ANY protection from reinfection, study suggests Researchers looked at blood samples of 164 previously infected COVID-19 patients in Singapore Around 11% never had detectable levels of neutralizing antibodies while about 55% had levels wane within … Read more

Oil companies ‘knew for decades about the dangers of air pollution’

Oil and gas companies knew for decades that their industry was responsible for significant levels of air pollution and that it could cause health problems but lobbied for laxer standards and publicly downplayed the risks, it has been claimed.  Internal documents from the likes of Shell, Exxon and Imperial Oil warned as far back as … Read more

Cancer deaths will rise for the first time in decades because of Covid, charities warn

Cancer deaths will rise for the first time in decades unless urgent action is taken to tackle the Covid backlog, the Government was warned today.   One Cancer Voice, a coalition of 47 cancer charities, argued more money and staff are desperately needed to address problems stemming from the pandemic. The charities — speaking collectively for … Read more

Former party girl, 44, looks DECADES younger after ditching alcohol for six months

A stunning woman looks a decade younger after ditching alcohol as well as saving over £3,000. Samantha Walsh, 44, was a social drinker who’d party on weekends or drink up to five bottles of wine at home at the weekend with her partner.  The store manager was put on furlough last March which led to … Read more

NIGEL FARAGE: I want my life back after three decades of Brexit battle

I made my first political speech in a village hall in Hampshire in 1993. A new party, UKIP, had recently been founded and I put myself forward to be its first nominated candidate in its first ever election campaign.  When the Conservative MP for Eastleigh, Stephen Milligan, was found dead in strange circumstances soon after, … Read more

Budget Spring 2021: Cost of pandemic will be paid back by ‘many governments over many decades’

The colossal economic damage inflicted during the pandemic will have to be paid back by ‘many governments, over many decades’, Rishi Sunak has admitted.   In an hour-long statement to the Commons, the Chancellor yesterday revealed that the Government has borrowed a record £355billion this year – which at 17 per cent of UK national income … Read more

Group of 17 former gymnasts sue crisis-hit British Gymnastics for ‘decades of systemic abuse’

Group of 17 former gymnasts sue crisis-hit British Gymnastics for ‘decades of systemic abuse’ including allegations of gaslighting, body shaming and bullying The alleged victims are suing for ‘negligence and breach of duty’   They claim they were subjected to ‘persistent abuse’ by coaches that has caused them ‘serious and continuing psychological and physical damage’ The … Read more