Overthrew Berisha, the Supreme Court argues the decision

15:03 10/05/2023 The decision of the Court of Appeal with General Jurisdiction, which returned the case for the seal of the Democratic Party to the First Instance for retrial, is clarified. The second judicial level as the first argument aggravates the violation of the principle of “impartiality”, for a regular legal process. The black squads … Read more

The data of Albanians convicted in the world in an electronic register, the government approves the decision

18:28 29/03/2023 The Council of Ministers approved this Wednesday the register with the data of Albanian convicts in the world. According to the decision published on the official website of Prime Ministerthis register is a state database, through which information organized and stored in electronic form is collected for every final criminal decision, issued by … Read more

Alibeaj reacts after the KAS decision: We invite all democratic candidates to join the local elections

15:25 16/03/2023 After the KAS decided that the CEC should register the PD with the vice-president Enkelejd Alibeaj in the capacity of the commanding chairman of the party in the local elections of May 14, the latter reacted through a post on social networks. Alibeaj welcomes today’s decision of KAS, as he invites all democratic … Read more

Vjosa National Park/Kumbaro: Political courage of the government, we have defied history with this decision

11:03 15/03/2023 From Tepelena, the Minister of Tourism and Environment, Mirela Kumbaro, stated that the declaration of the last wild river in Europe, Vjosa, National Park is the result of a long and collaborative work with international partners. During her speech, Minister Kumbaro stated that this is no longer a fairy tale, but a reality … Read more

CEC did not register him in the May 14 elections, Berisha appeals the decision to KAS

Share 12:55 11/03/2023 At Thursday’s meeting, the Central Election Commission decided not to register as an electoral subject of Berisha’s group on May 14. Chief Commissioner Ilirjan Celibashi stated that the legal chairman is Lulzim Basha, but also for the documentation presented by the Alibeaj group, he left a deadline of 48 hours to complete … Read more

May 14, Berisha: We can go to elections with a coalition, the decision is made by the National Council

15:42 04/03/2023 After the Presidency meeting, Sali Berisha stated that the candidates of the Democratic Party will go to the local elections with a coalition. Berisha also stated that another option is for DP to compete on May 14 with independent candidates. Question: Mr. Berisha, what are the forms through which you will take your … Read more

Berisha: The court decision predetermined by Rama

23:37 03/03/2023 “The prime minister destroyed political pluralism” Sali Berisha described the decision of the three Appeal judges as predetermined in the offices of the Prime Minister, after which he said that Edi Rama destroyed pluralism in the country. “Three judges in an unprecedented process against pluralism read the decision prepared some time ago in … Read more

Fevziu: PD should not have brought the issue of oppositionism to a court decision

20:51 23/02/2023 The journalist and leader of the show Opinion on TV Klan, Blendi Fevziu, says that the Democratic Party should not have left the issue of the stamp and logo of the party that leads the opposition, until a court decision. Invited to the column “Milori Live” in Klan News with journalist Mirela Milori, … Read more

Berisha for Rama: This bastard thinks he can hijack the DP, holds the court decision hostage

17:54 21/01/2023 In the speech held on the 32nd anniversary of the establishment of the branch of the Democratic Party in LaƧ, the chief democrat Sali Berisha accused Edi Rama of holding the court’s decision hostage, according to him, with the aim of preventing the victory of the democrats in the May 14 elections. “Edi … Read more