WH Ron Klain promotes tweet calling inflation and supply chain crisis ‘high class problems’

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain agreed Wednesday that the U.S. economic problems are ‘high class problems’ White House Chief of Staff Ronald Klain claimed Wednesday evening that the current U.S. economic issues, including inflation and supply chain delays, are just ‘high class problems’.  Jason Furman, a Harvard Economics professor and former chairman of … Read more

Providence mayor calls Rhode Island Gov a ‘coward’ during public clash

Extraordinary moment security guard pushes Providence Mayor away from Rhode Island Governor as he brands him a ‘coward’ for failing to reveal details of deal with teachers’ union Public clash between Gov. Dan McKee and Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza occurred on Wednesday The two Democrats have been at loggerheads over a new Providence Teachers Union … Read more

James Carville says the Democratic Party pays a ‘political price’ for the ‘noisy identity left’

Former Bill Clinton political guru James Carvllle hit out at the ‘noisy identity left’ Democratic minority for being too interested in ‘somebody else’s pronouns’ rather than focusing on improving lives. Carville, 76, said the Democrats pay a ‘terrible political price’ for the actions of the left-wing minority, which he claimed only makes up around 15 … Read more

Homeland Security Secretary will tour Texas migrant facility Friday

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas will visit a Texas border facility on Friday, after a House Democratic critic of the administration’s immigration policies complained that child immigrants were being moved ‘from one tent to the other tent.’ Mayorkas will tour the Donna, Texas processing facility, KVEO-TV reported. While there, Mayorkas will get updates on unaccompanied children … Read more

‘Wokeness is a problem’ that could cost the Democrats in future elections: James Carville

It’s the wokeness, stupid! James Carville who helped engineer Bill Clinton’s 1992 win warns Democrats to drop ‘faculty lounge’ hectoring and start speaking like normal people Political strategist James Carville warns Democrats that ‘wokeness is a problem’ that could cost the party elections in the coming years in a VOX.com interview He said it’s part … Read more

Japan considers bringing in FOUR-DAY week

Japan‘s government is considering bringing in a four-day working week aimed at improving people’s quality of life, the country’s Chief Cabinet Secretary has said. It is hoped that the scheme would also boost the country’s tourism industry that has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, in a nation known for long working hours.  Katsunobu … Read more

Covid US: Joe Biden criticized for wearing mask after getting vaccine

By Reuters and Natalie Rahhal US Health Editor for DailyMail.com  Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine is still 91 percent effective at preventing COVID-19, offers six months of protection and does work against worrisome South African variant, new firm data reveal. In fact, the shot was 100 percent effective in preventing illness among trial participants in South Africa, where … Read more

White House uses ‘Biden-Harris Administration’ tagline on official website and Twitter

White House uses ‘Biden-Harris Administration’ tagline on its official website and Twitter page in nod to VP amid President Biden’s ‘expectation’ he will seek reelection The White House uses the phrase on its web site and on social media Biden has said Harris is the ‘last voice in the room’ on decisions  He said Thursday … Read more

Joe Biden jokes he ‘misses’ Donald Trump at his first press conference

President Joe Biden on Thursday said he would be ‘flattered’ if migrants were coming to the United States because of him as he was grilled about his border policy during the first formal press conference of his presidency. He also ridiculed the idea the surge in migrants at the border is because he’s a ‘nice … Read more

Mexican cartels ratchet up human trafficking operations amid Biden’s lax immigration policy

Ruthless Mexican cartels are exploiting Joe Biden‘s relaxed immigration stance to turn people trafficking into a billion-dollar racket ‘worth more than dope’, a DailyMail.com investigation can reveal. The president tore up hardline Trump policies after taking office but denies sparking a crisis along the southern border where authorities are struggling to deal with a surge … Read more