Grandmother terrified after capturing image of ‘demon’ standing over granddaughter’s bed

Terrified grandmother captures image of ‘horned demon’ standing over her toddler granddaughter’s bed – after setting up camera when the girl was heard telling someone to ‘go away’ in the night Tory McKenzie, 41, set up motion-activated camera in her granddaughter’s room Two-year-old Amber had been ‘talking to something’ in the middle of the night Harrowing footage … Read more

Trump supporters clash ANTIFA at Trump Tower after MAGA fans unfurl a huge flag of Pelosi as demon

Trump supporters clash with ANTIFA outside Trump Tower in Manhattan after MAGA fans unfurled a huge flag of Pelosi as a demon and marched down NYC’s Fifth Avenue President Donald Trump supporters paraded down Fifth Avenue in New York City on Friday afternoon They carried with them massive ‘Trump 2024’ banners which they unfurled in … Read more

Ryan Reynolds feuds with ‘seething demon’ Betty White in behind-the-scenes clip from The Proposal

Ryan Reynolds has carried on a playful feud with Hugh Jackman over the years. But the Golden Globe nominee appears have to made an even worse nemesis out of another Hollywood icon. He feuded with ‘seething demon’ Betty White in a hilarious behind-the-scenes clip from their 2009 movie The Proposal, which he posted Sunday to … Read more