“Albania joins when the EU does not exist”, Rama answers the cartoonist in Brussels: It looks like Serbian depression

14:22 07/12/2022 A special section was held in Brussels where the EU-Balkan Summit was held in Tirana with the presence of Prime Minister Edi Rama, Prime Minister of Montenegro Dritan Abazovic and President of North Macedonia Stevko Pendarovski. After answering the questions of the leader of the session, a cartoonist was also present who presented … Read more

‘They signed Victoria Beckham and went bust’: Alesha Dixon on Mis-Teeq’s label folding

Alesha Dixon has revealed that her old record label Telstar went bust in 2004 after signing Victoria Beckham, meaning her former girl group Mis-Teeq’s third album was never made. Speaking to host Dotty on Apple Music 1 as part of Black History Month, Alesha, 43, explained: ‘They [Telstar] went bust. A lot of people blamed Victoria … Read more

Osteopath reveals ‘vagus nerve hack’ to improve posture, open your chest and boost energy

An osteopath has shared a simple trick he claims will improve posture and boost energy in seconds – and it doesn’t cost a cent. Brendon Talbot, a Canadian health practitioner who specializes in bone and muscle tissue, says performing a ‘trapezius twist’ each time you stand up from sitting down can transform your health by … Read more

Answering work emails out of hours increases your risk of stress, experts warn

Most of us check our smartphones 80 times a day — about once every 12 minutes, according to a study by technology insurance provider Asurion. While some will be able to continue at this rate without developing a problem, others will become addicted to their handset. Stanford University psychiatrist Dr Anna Lembke has outlined some … Read more

Nicky Campbell reveals Charlie Brooker’s vendetta against him left him ‘depressed and bed-ridden’

Presenter Nicky Campbell has revealed he was once bedridden with depression for two days after a barrage of ‘vicious’ insults from satirist and writer Charlie Brooker. The Scottish radio and TV personality, 60, said the ‘horrible’ rant from Black Mirror writer Brooker hit him ‘really hard’ and sent him to a ‘really low ebb’. He … Read more

Jarrod Woodgate takes aim at a Darwin coffee shop after he was told he can’t bring his dog inside

‘I feel ashamed and can’t stop shaking’: The Bachelorette’s Jarrod Woodgate lashes out at a Darwin café after being told he ‘can’t bring his therapy dog inside’ By Caleb Taylor For Daily Mail Australia Published: 04:33 BST, 27 June 2021 | Updated: 04:33 BST, 27 June 2021 The Bachelorette‘s Jarrod Woodgate has taken aim at … Read more

Lewis Hamilton criticises French Open for fining Naomi Osaka

‘I was thrown into the pit… we need to be more supporting’: Lewis Hamilton wades into the Naomi Osaka row and calls French Open organisers ‘not cool’ for fining her £10,500 over media boycott – and says he struggled with the same pressures Naomi Osaka was fined £10,500 by French Open chiefs after her first-round … Read more

Naomi Osaka WON’T be given special treatment at Wimbledon this month

Naomi Osaka will not receive any special treatment at Wimbledon this summer after the world No 2 withdrew from the French Open on Monday because of mental health concerns. The Japanese star pulled out at Roland Garros after refusing to attend mandatory post-match press conferences and revealing she had been suffering from bouts of depression … Read more

Grand Slams vow to ‘improve the player experience’ after Naomi Osaka withdrew from French Open

The grand slams have pledged to work to improve the player experience at major tournaments following Naomi Osaka‘s withdrawal from the French Open. A strong joint statement from the slams on Sunday threatening the world number two with disqualification and a ban from future tournaments if she did not reverse her decision not to fulfil … Read more

Tennis greats reverse criticism of Naomi Osaka, 23, after she revealed her bouts of depression

Osaka, 23, announced last week that she would not be taking media questions at Roland-Garros because she thinks journalists ‘doubt’ her and she didn’t want to ‘subject’ herself to their tough questions Tennis stars are reversing their criticism of Naomi Osaka, who pulled out of the French Open on Monday saying she suffers ’bouts of depression’, … Read more