Carbon dioxide reached a high in 2020 that hasn’t been recorded since in 3.6 MILLION years ago

Carbon dioxide levels saw a surge in 2020 to the highest since the mid-Pliocene era 3.6 million years ago. During this prehistoric time period, sea level was about 78 feet higher and the Earth’s temperature was about 7 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than our modern-day world. The year-over-year rise in CO2, 2.6 parts per million, is one … Read more

Bizarre ‘spiders’ on Mars are made by carbon dioxide vapor escaping from cracks in polar ice

The Spiders from Mars isn’t just the name of David Bowie‘s backing band in the 1970s—it’s the nickname given to mysterious formations on Mars that resemble creepy black arachnids. These ‘araneiforms’ (Latin for ‘spider-like’) were first observed 20 years ago, but astronomers have finally determined they’re caused by carbon dioxide vapor escaping from cracks in … Read more

Nitrogen dioxide emissions drop by a FIFTH globally due to lockdown

Emissions of the greenhouse gas nitrogen dioxide have been slashed by a FIFTH since February due to the coronavirus pandemic, NASA finds NASA analysed nitrogen dioxide emissions at 5,756 sites in 46 countries  Compared 2020 figure with the multi-year average for previous years  Revealed an average drop of 20 per cent from February around the … Read more