For family doctors, a salary increase of 20,000 ALL and nurses with 15,000 ALL within 2024

14:04 03/05/2023 The Prime Minister Edi Rama, together with the Deputy Prime Minister Belinda Balluku, the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Ogerta Manastirliu, held a meeting with the doctors and nurses of Klosi and Mati, where they announced the targeted salary increase for family doctors with 20,000 Lek and nurses with 15,000 Lek until … Read more

Gjiknuri and Llatja meeting with doctors and nurses: Vote for SP, guarantee for the continuation of salary increases and investments in health

14:03 30/04/2023 The General Secretary of the SP, Damian Gjiknuri, held a conversation with the doctors and nurses of Elbasan to congratulate them for their hard work in the service of citizens and their irreplaceable role in society. In his speech, the number two of the socialists said that this majority has shown a special … Read more

List of PS with police officers, doctors, farmers and teachers

18:06 28/03/2023 Contesting candidates without engagement in politics The Socialists did not show much courage in the contesting list of May 14. In the few cities where they brought innovation, the names are not prominent in the political arena. The responsibility for cleaning up the image in Bulqiza after the sensational departure of Lefter Alla … Read more

Rama: Reward 10 thousand Lek and 20 thousand new Lek for doctors and nurses

20:20 30/12/2022 Doctors and nurses will receive remuneration from the government’s Big Package. In a post on Facebook, Prime Minister Edi Rama writes that nurses with a salary below 60 thousand new Lek will receive 20 thousand new Lek in compensation. While nurses with a salary of over 60,000 new Lek will receive 10,000 new … Read more

Rama: We will continue to raise salaries for doctors and nurses

18:40 17/12/2022 Salaries for doctors and nurses will continue to rise. This is what Prime Minister Edi Rama declared during a reception organized with the employees of the health system. The head of the government said that from the day the socialists took power until now, salaries for this sector have increased by about 70%, … Read more

Doctors tell pregnant Meghan not to fly back to Prince Philip’s funeral with Harry

Doctors tell pregnant Meghan not to fly back to Prince Philip’s funeral with Harry – as Thomas Markle also pays his condolences The Duchess of Sussex has been advised not to make the 11-hour flight to the UK with her husband, who sources say will travel on Monday ‘at the latest’  It will be the first … Read more

Prince Philip’s funeral next Saturday as Meghan is advised by doctors not to travel 

Who could be invited to Prince Philip’s funeral?  The Queen Prince of Wales Duchess of Cornwall Princess Royal Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence Duke of York Earl of Wessex Countess of Wessex Peter Phillips Zara Tindall Duke of Cambridge Duke of Sussex Princess Beatrice Princess Eugenie Lady Louise Windsor Viscount Severn Duchess of Cambridge Mike … Read more

Doctors perform world’s first living donor lung transplant to Covid-19 patient in Japan

Doctors in Japan have performed the world’s first-ever living donor lung transplant on a patient with severe lung damage from Covid-19. A Japanese woman’s life was saved by the nearly 11-hour operation carried out by a medical team of 30 after her husband and son donated parts of their lungs, doctors said on Thursday.  The … Read more

MPs are urging doctors to stop using ‘body mass index’

MPs urge doctors to ban ‘shaming’ term BMI or ‘body mass index’ amid fears it can harm patients’ self image Doctors should stop using body mass index as a measure of health, MPs say  The MPs instea want medics to adopt a ‘health at every size’ approach  Committee also suggested ‘dangerous’ obesity strategy may make … Read more