Combat drones agreement, Peleshi: We will start with three and grow in the future

16:39 20/12/2022 The Albanian government signed today the agreement for the purchase of “Bayraktar” unmanned combat drones. Minister of Defense Niko Peleshi, present at this event, expressed his enthusiasm for cooperation with the Republic of Turkey and clarified the importance of this for our country. Niko Peleshi: What we are writing and celebrating today is … Read more

The agreement for the purchase of “Bayraktar” drones is signed, Rama: They will be ready for any occasion

16:33 20/12/2022 The agreement between Albania and Turkey for the purchase of “Bayraktar” drones from the Turkish technology company was signed today. In the joint conference with the Minister of Defense Niko Peleshi and the executive director of the Turkish company, Rama said that in addition to high technology, a new field of knowledge is … Read more

Prime Minister Rama: After 2 satellites, Albania will also receive armed drones

10:48 29/09/2022 Albania will soon have two satellites in space that will monitor the entire territory of the country. Today, the contract was signed at the Prime Minister’s Office for the launch of these two satellites. But Prime Minister Edi Rama said that after the satellites, armed drones will come from Turkey, which Albania will … Read more

Sunbathers will be spied on with police DRONES on Mallorca’s beaches to check for Covid breaches

Police in Mallorca will use drones to spy on tourists sunbathing on beaches to make sure they are not breaking coronavirus regulations.    The devices will be used in the busiest areas to keep track of whether people are social distancing – and if they detect crowds, the police will be notified. A government minister confirmed … Read more

Drones drafted in to wage war on beach litter as council uses them to create real-time map of waste

Drones are drafted in to wage war on beach litter as local council uses eye-in-the-sky to create real-time map of waste hotspots  Drones are being used by Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council The aim it to speed up the council’s response to rubbish left behind by visitors  The Daily Mail helping to launch Keep Britain … Read more

More than 100 aircraft grounded to make way for more drones as the Army to smallest size since 1714

More than 100 Royal Air Force planes and helicopters are to be scrapped as part of a defence revolution which will see most manned aircraft replaced by drones. The radical move to ground 114 fighter jets, intelligence and transport aircraft and helicopters last night raised questions over the UK’s ability to launch large-scale military operations. The … Read more

Attack of the drones: The RAF is to lose 114 aircraft including some frontline Typhoon fighters

The RAF is to lose 114 manned aircraft including Typhoon jets under the defence review announced today that puts faith in drones. Under plans unveiled by the Government today a vast slew of fighters, transport aircraft, trainers and helicopters will be phased out over the next few years. They will be replaced by the next … Read more

Drones are carrying Covid-19 samples between UK hospitals

Drones are being used to carry Covid-19 test samples and other medical materials up to 40 miles (64km) across four locations in western Scotland.  London drone firm Skyports has become the first operator to receive permission by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to carry diagnostic specimens by drone.   Cargo – including test samples, medicine, personal … Read more

Police crack down on people playing Pokemon Go as council uses drones to catch lockdown breakers

Police officers have launched a crackdown on Pokemon Go players using the popular app outdoors, as other forces and local councils across England turn to tech to crackdown on lockdown breaching Britons. The men, all said to be in their 30s, were spotted hunting for the virtual monsters using the walk-as-you-play mobile app – in … Read more

People who bought drones before December 31 must register their device or face a £1,000 fine 

People who bought drones before December 31 must register their device or face a £1,000 fine New rules require all camera drones to be registered with the CAA If a drone owner fails to register could be slapped with a fine of £1,000 The rise of drone use has sparked fears drones could be used … Read more