HOW TO CLASSIC BRIDAL GLAM MAKEUP TUTORIAL – Easy Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Beginner Brides!

HOW TO CLASSIC BRIDAL GLAM MAKEUP TUTORIAL – Easy Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Beginner Brides!

Hi brides! 🙂 Today I’m walking you step by step through a classic bridal glam makeup look. I’m sharing all of my tips, tricks & techniques to make this look very easy and achievable for anyone, including beginners! Ask me any of your questions in the comments and subscribe for more tutorials Subscribe 🙂 How … Read more

KiraPeach Magazine for Girls Japan FREE GIFT

KiraPeach Magazine for Girls Japan FREE GIFT

I have been living in Japan for over 20 years. I love origami and creating designs and patterns. Living in Japan has given me a chance to share things I have learned while living here. So you will find a variety of all of these topics here! You can find my digital craft papers and … Read more

Berisha: Not an easy moment for Kosovo, Putin-Vucic ready for a new adventure

14:38 08/11/2022 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, has expressed solidarity with Kosovo for the situation that has been happening for the last few days, where the Serbs in the state of Kosovo have left the institutions. During his speech at the DP parliamentary group meeting, Berisha accused Russian President Vladimir Putin and … Read more

Jess Sepel shares one of her favourite easy salmon dishes

A top Australian nutritionist has revealed the eight strategies she swears by for beating sugar cravings (Jessica Sepel pictured) 1. Eat protein every day at breakfast  ‘Dietary protein has been well established to improve appetite control through an increase in satiety,’ Jessica wrote.  Some of the nutritionist’s favourite protein-rich breakfasts include boiled eggs with wholegrain … Read more

Personal trainer reveals the easy full body workout behind her enviable physique

Personal trainer and model Camilla Akerberg has revealed the easy full-body workout behind her enviable physique. The 30-year-old beauty, who is sitting out the coronavirus pandemic is Tulum, Mexico revealed the secret behind her rock-hard abs on Instagram before the Easter weekend. Camilla said she likes to stay in one spot when she works out … Read more

Martha Stewart debuts Easy Spirit shoe collection and shares her spring entertaining must-haves

Domestic goddess Martha Stewart is expanding her business empire into footwear. The lifestyle guru has partnered up with Easy Spirit for a brand new collection and Martha gushed to DailyMailTV senior correspondent Alicia Quarles about her new passion project. Plus, in part two of Martha’s springtime sit down, the icon discussed her upcoming Easter plans … Read more

The Apprentice’s Jessica Cunningham confirms she’s welcomed her FIFTH child via an ‘easy’ home birth

Jessica Cunningham has confirmed she welcomed her fifth child, a boy, via an ‘easy’ home birth last month. The Apprentice star, 34, joked about ‘dancing her baby out’ as she discussed growing her family with her boyfriend Alex Daw in an interview on Jenny Powell and Kelly Pegg’s The Hot Mess Mums Club podcast. Businesswoman Jessica … Read more

The dirtiest items in the kitchen that you FORGET to clean and easy ways to make them pristine again

Many proud homeowners are meticulous with their cleaning – but there are still some items that even the most diligent forget about.  Cleaning expert Joyce French from British advice website Home How has revealed the dirtiest household utensils that we often neglect.  These include salt and pepper shakers, tin openers – which should be washed … Read more

Nutritionist Jessica Sepel shares her go-to five-ingredient recipe for a cheap and easy pasta

Your Thursday night dinner sorted: Nutritionist shares her go-to delicious pasta recipe using just FIVE simple ingredients Nutritionist creates a quick and easy chickpea pasta using just five ingredients  Jessica Sepel, revealed how she makes the her favourite ‘quick’ meal in minutes You need chickpea pasta, Napoletana sauce, ricotta, parmesan cheese and basil By Cindy … Read more

Mum reveals the mini quiche recipe she swears by and it is so easy she can make them before school

Mum reveals the quick mini quiche recipe she swears by – and it’s so easy she can prepare them before school drop off An Australian mum has revealed her super easy mini quiche recipe online The mum said she whips up the quiches for her kids’ lunchboxes  before school Dietitians recommend high-protein lunches  to help … Read more