Rama: Vlora Airport will be built, added value and in no way a threat to the ecosystem

11:50 15/03/2023 At the ceremony of declaring Vjosa Natural Park, the Prime Minister of the country, Edi Rama, called on all those who do not agree with the construction of the Vlora Airport not to disturb them. During his speech, Prime Minister Rama stated that Vlora Airport will be built as he emphasized that it … Read more

Nature: Venomous centipede discovered in Romanian cave thought to be world’s most isolated ecosystem

King of the Cave: Venomous centipede is discovered at the top of the food chain in a sulphurous Romanian cave thought to be the most isolated ecosystem on the planet Movile Cave was discovered by workers in 1986 — and has been off-limits since  The cave is pitch black and has only half the oxygen … Read more