Berisha: The farce of May 14, unprecedented phenomena in the history of elections in Albania

12:26 26/05/2023 In the weekly conference with journalists, the chief democrat Berisha has stated again that he does not know the result of the May 14 elections. During his speech, the chairman of the DP, Berisha, listed his claims as to why he does not know the local elections, which he calls “farce”. Berisha says … Read more

“BF” appeal request KAS: Elections in Kamez to be repeated

20:38 23/05/2023 Through an official letter, the opposition coalition “Bashke Fitomje” asks the Appeals and Sanctions Commission to oppose the results for the Kamëz municipality as far as the local elections are concerned. Second, the computer expertise of every electronic device by foreign experts, the inspection of cameras inside and outside the voting centers, the … Read more

Lefter Maliqi complaint about the elections in SPAK: The last 17 boxes were stolen

13:12 19/05/2023 The candidate of the “Bashke Fitomje” coalition in Kuçovo, Lefter Maliqi, has filed a complaint with SPAK for the May 14 elections. He stated that there are a number of violations and that the result was stolen. He said that the violations were politically ordered by the Minister of the Interior, Bledi Çuçi. … Read more

Berisha: Rama distributed 10 billion Lek for elections

15:48 12/05/2023 Just a few hours before the start of the closing rally of the electoral campaign, Sali Berisha, while calling May 14 the day of full coronation of pluralism, threw strong accusations at the prime minister, ministers and socialist exponents of buying votes. “If there is a person who has committed an electoral megacrime, … Read more

Meta: These are exceptional elections, to punish the bitter experiment with the local government

12:32 10/05/2023 The chairman of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, considers the May 14 elections, when the mayors are voted on, to be extraordinary. In a press conference, Meta said that citizens should punish what he calls an experiment with the last local elections, when almost all municipalities were won by the Socialist Party. “I … Read more

Ilir Meta: Citizens fulfill their obligation, to participate en masse in the elections

12:10 10/05/2023 The chairman of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, in a press conference, called on the citizens to participate en masse in the local elections on May 14. Meta says that going to the polls is a civic obligation but also a patriotic duty, according to him. “Today I want to ask all citizens … Read more

11 days away from the elections/ Biberaj: The Prime Minister is like a clown in the campaign! Resulaj: The opposition is jealous of Rama’s strategy

13:58 03/05/2023 Local election day is only 11 days away. This Wednesday, in an interview with Klan News journalist Besard Jacaj, former democratic deputy Aleksandër Biberaj and SP deputy Pranvera Resulaj talked about the electoral campaign. On the one hand, Biberaj emphasized the lack of calculation of Prime Minister Edi Rama, while Resulaj said that … Read more

Immigration also affects the elections, the CEC’s challenge to find technical operators

14:26 19/04/2023 The mass departure of Albanians has not only affected businesses, but also the electoral process. CEC deputy commissioner Lealba Pelinku in an interview for Klan News shows the institution’s difficulties in finding technical operators for the biometric identification device on the day of voting, despite the satisfactory payment. “It turns out that there … Read more