Celibashi: There is interest in expanding electronic voting, it does not seem that there will be changes to the Electoral Code

11:56 23/11/2022 Regarding the request of the Central Election Commission for electronic voting in 6 municipalities, which is worth 3 billion lek, the Chairman of the CEC stated in a statement to the media that he has evidenced that there is an interest in expanding electronic voting. Ilirjan Celibashi: The development of electronic voting in … Read more

Protest for the beam in Divjaka, Minister Kumbaro: It is about an electronic ticket office

16:13 18/11/2022 The Minister of Tourism Mirela Kumbaro says that placing the beam in the Divjaka park is a misunderstanding because according to her it is about an electronic ticket which is also applied in other parks. “A big fuss is raised in vain, while it is about adding, as we have done in the … Read more

Two Indian friends reveal they are the purchasers of electronic paintings for £50million

Two Indian friends have stepped forward to reveal they are the ones who bought electronic paintings for £50million in booming ‘crypto art’ market.  Vignesh Sundaresan and Anand Venkateswaran, both in their 30s, parted with £50.3million ($69.3m) for a digital artwork stored in a JPEG file, coincidentally securing their place in art history. ‘We weren’t sure … Read more

Everyday Ageism: CHRISTA D’SOUZA  blasts the new Electronic Frailty Index

Everyday Ageism: CHRISTA D’SOUZA blasts the new Electronic Frailty Index, as she reveals the term ‘frail’ makes her feel ‘about 100’ Electronic Frailty Index will be applied to medical records of anyone 65 and over Christa D’Souza says the index will help GPs troubleshoot future problems  However, she disagrees with being deemed ‘frail’ as it makes … Read more

Electronic ‘nose’ that detects chemicals in breath may help spot early signs of oesophageal tumour 

An electronic ‘nose’ that sniffs out chemicals in breath may help spot early signs of oesophageal cancer, which can be linked to acid reflux. The breathalyser-type device uses sensors to identify patterns of compounds found in breath that are unique to Barrett’s oesophagus, a ‘pre’ condition to the cancer. Improving diagnosis of oesophageal (or gullet) … Read more

The options for anyone returning to Israel: Isolate at a hotel or wear an ELECTRONIC BRACELET

Israel’s parliament has approved a law mandating electronic bracelets for all arrivals to Israel who are required to quarantine due to the coronavirus. The new law states that people sent to quarantine at home must wear the tracking bracelet to ensure compliance.  If they refuse, they must quarantine in a state-run hotel. Exceptions will be made … Read more

Drunks who commit crimes will be fitted with electronic tags

Drunks who commit crimes will be fitted with electronic tags that alert authorities if they have alcohol… and speeding motorists could be next Problem drinkers who commit crimes to be fitted with electronic sobriety tags  Devices will let Government put ‘police officer on every criminal’s shoulder’ Offenders in Wales who commit booze-related crimes will be fitted … Read more

Manual handbrakes are being replaced by electronic parking systems in cars

The days of the mechanical handbrake are numbered as three in four new cars sold in Britain now have electronic parking brakes, market research has revealed. Not only will this spell the end for the boy racer’s favourite handbrake turn but also signals manufacturers’ increasing reliance on electronic parking devices in their latest vehicles, which … Read more

Electronic warfare equipment orders boost Chemring’s profit forecast

Chemring boosts profits outlook after strong orders for military technology and electronic combat systems Just over £450million in orders was received by the Romsey-based business  Chemring has borrowed £50m from the Covid Corporate Financing Facility  CEO Michael Ord: ‘We have good momentum as we near the end of FY20’ By Harry Wise For This Is … Read more

Electronic SKIN that ‘feels’ pain in the same way as human skin paves the way for better prosthetics

Electronic SKIN that ‘feels’ pain in the same way as human skin could pave the way for better prosthetics, smarter robotics and non-invasive skin graft alternatives Various sensors integrated to create electrical current following stimulation   Memory pressure and heat sensors all combine to create lifelike organ   Future development could help improve therapeutics for skin grafts and  … Read more