Macron ‘will REFUSE to take back migrants who land in Britain on small boats’

Emmanuel Macron is expected to refuse Rishi Sunak’s demands that Britain be allowed to return migrants who cross the Channel in small boats back to France at today’s summit in Paris. Britain hopes to secure his active support at the summit for a long-term deal, similar to the EU’s existing ‘Dublin’ rules, to return illegal … Read more

Inside the swanky Paris hotel where Nicolas Sarkozy famously celebrated his election victory

If it’s good enough for a president of France – it’s good enough for me. Nicolas Sarkozy celebrated his 2007 election victory at Paris’s 62-room Hotel Barriere Le Fouquet’s, in its legendary restaurant Brasserie Fouquet’s. The staff formed a victory tunnel for him when he departed following an overnight stay. I follow in his footsteps … Read more

No10 says deal with France on Channel migrant crisis ‘in final stages’ after PM’s talks with Macron

Downing Street today revealed a new deal with France over the Channel migrant crisis was ‘in its final stages’ following Rishi Sunak’s crunch talks with Emmanuel Macron. The Prime Minister and French President met this afternoon at the Cop-27 climate summit in Egypt, with the issue of small boat crossings high up their agenda. Around … Read more

French election: Ron Klain defends Biden’s low job approval numbers by pointing out Macron’s

White House claims approval polls don’t matter and Biden CAN win in 2024: Chief of Staff Ron Klain points to French President Emanuel Macron’s reelection with just 36% approval rating Klain tweeted soon after Macron became the first French president in 20 years to win re-election, beating far-right opponent Marine Le Pen It comes as … Read more

Marine Le Pen and her father accused of embezzling more than £500,000 from the EU days before vote

Marine Le Pen’s presidency election hopes dealt a blow as she and her father are accused of embezzling more than £500,000 from the EU a week before she goes head-to-head with Emmanuel Macron National Rally candidate embroiled in fraud enquiry just days before run-off vote Marine Le Pen and father Jean-Marie accused of embezzling over … Read more

Emmanuel Macron’s rivals mock his summit failure

Emmanuel Macron’s rivals mock his summit failure after his efforts to avoid war in Ukraine proved fruitless Emmanuel Macron was last night mocked by his political rival, Marine Le Pen  She ridiculed him over claiming he’d secured a potential negotiation with Putin  Jean-Luc Melenchon also slammed Macron’s ‘dismal record in this whole affair’ By James … Read more

Brexit fishing row: French MP threatens to stop migrant border checks

The row between the UK and France over post-Brexit fishing rights entered a new phase today as a French MP threatened to tear up a key migration treaty.  Jean-Pierre Pont, MP for the fishing community of Boulogne-sur-Mer, said the French government should consider scrapping the Touquet Treaty which allows the UK to set up border … Read more

Biden’s G7 bromances: President wraps his arm around Macron and jokes around with Trudeau

Biden’s G7 bromances: President wraps his arm around Macron and jokes around with Trudeau – after world leaders made fun of Trump and gave him a VERY frosty reception President Joe Biden’s first day at the G7 kicked off some blossoming bromance He wrapped his arm around French President Emmanuel Macron and joked around with Canadian … Read more

Boris and Macron hold emergency ‘peace talks’ to end ‘Battle of Jersey’

Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron are set to hold emergency ‘peace talks’ to end the ‘Battle of Jersey’ after French fishermen threatened to blockade Calais. The world leaders, who control Europe’s two largest armies, will try to restore their ‘brotherly’ relationship amid the post-Brexit chaos. The row over Channel fishing rights escalated last night after … Read more

Military re-enactment enthusiast shoots MUSKET into the air at Jersey blockade

A member of the Jersey Militia re-enactment group has fired a musket towards the ongoing stand-off between the Royal Navy and 100 French fishing vessels over post-Brexit fishing rules. The fishing vessels are blocking access to the port at Saint Helier, prompting Boris Johnson to deploy Navy vessels HMS Severn and HMS Tamar. The ships – which … Read more