Corporate Health and Wellness Tips

Corporate Health and Wellness  Tips

Prioritizing employee wellness is crucial in the current hustle culture. Our curated list of wellness tips, including ergonomic workspaces and mental health awareness activities, can improve productivity and engagement. #CorporateWellness #HealthyWorkEnvironment #MentalHealthAwareness #ProductivityTips #DeclutterHour #WorkplaceErgonomics #StandingDesks #SitLess #WellnessNewsletter #PreventiveCare #HealthyHabits #MotivationMonday #WellnessWednesday #MindfulMondays #FitnessGoals #WorkLifeBalance #HealthyLifestyle #HealthyMindset #EmployeeEngagement #PositiveWorkCulture #HealthyHabits #HealthyChoices #StayActive #HealthyLiving #WellnessProgram #HealthyOffice … Read more

The Big Package/ Reward for prison employees, how much will they benefit

21:33 30/12/2022 Employees of the prison system will benefit from the Rama government’s Big Package. According to the Prime Minister, all prison employees will receive 10 thousand new Lek. “10,000 Lek (new) from the Great Package also for all employees of the Prison System, after the increase of their salaries up to 33% from September … Read more

Google’s says employees can return to office in April while Amazon won’t bring staff back until fall

Google has announced that some of its US employees have the option of returning to the office this month while Amazon says its workers won’t come back until the fall.  According to USA Today, google told staff on Wednesday that offices would be reopening in a limited capacity.  ‘Because the situation remains dynamic, we continue … Read more

Firms will offer employees free home testing kits

Firms will be able to offer their employees free Covid home testing kits from next week as ministers ramp up efforts to make offices safe Companies will be able to supply employees with Covid-19 tests under new rules  Matt Hancock believes rapid testing will help with the country with the road map The new system … Read more

Employees need ‘microbreaks’ of just five minutes throughout the day to fight fatigue

Taking a short break can improve your productivity during a tough work day, a new study suggests.  A team from North Carolina State University found a five-minute ‘microbreak’ is enough to improve mental sharpness and help employees fight fatigue. Researchers conducted an international survey and found that when employees came to work tired they took … Read more

Goldman Sachs CEO who raged about employees working from home used company private jet for getaways

The CEO of Goldman Sachs, who has raged that employees working from home in the pandemic is an ‘aberration’, took seven weekend holidays on the company’s private jet in as many weeks, according to a new report. CEO David Solomon’s trips over seven weekends in January and February were mostly to the Bahamas, including an … Read more

Boris Johnson’s roadmap out of lockdown encourages employees to return to the office

More people are heading in to the office every day than working from home in the wake of the announcement of the roadmap out of lockdown.   Only 32 per cent of Britons surveyed said they are still exclusively working at home, while 39 per cent are working every day at their normal place of work. … Read more

Coca-Cola is accused of reverse racism for sharing a video encourages employees to be ‘less white’ 

Coca-Cola is accused of racism for telling employees to ‘try to be less white’ because it is ‘oppressive, arrogant and ignorant’  The slides are from a resource video uploaded to Coca-Cola’s LinkedIn Learning platform A disgruntled employee shared them to social media last week, where they quickly went viral and sparked a backlash Critics are now … Read more

‘RIP Topshop!’ Employees share videos of final days in store

Once a jewel in the crown of the British high street, it is the end of an era for Topshop as employees shutter stores across the country one last time.   Staff have taken to TikTok over the last week to document their final days working for the retailer, with videos of empty stock rooms, piles … Read more