Movement in the government, the new deputy minister of Infrastructure and Energy is appointed

18:08 27/12/2022 The Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Gjergji Simaku, has been relieved of his duties by decision of the Government. At today’s meeting of the Council of Ministers, the new Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Endrit Molla, was also appointed, who immediately takes up the position. Today’s government meeting was chaired by Prime Minister … Read more

Summit, Von der Leyen: 1 billion Euro support for energy. We support the integration process of the region

16:35 06/12/2022 The President of the EC, Ursula von der Leyen, appreciated the welcome given in Tirana by Prime Minister Edi Rama for the summit between the EU and the Western Balkans. She said that this summit was fantastic and excellent. Speaking about the topics that have been discussed between the leaders, Von der Leyen … Read more

Von der Leyen: The Commission will provide 1 million Euros for the energy of the Western Balkans

15:03 03/11/2022 Von der Leyen stated at the press conference that the commission will provide a significant energy support package for the Western Balkans, 1 billion Euros in grants. This support package will be approved in December and made available in January. “This unprecedented crisis requires unprecedented actions and steps. I am pleased to announce … Read more

PD: Eurostat discovered Rama’s energy fraud

15:44 01/11/2022 “Albanians buy it more expensive than the region” The Democratic Party says that Albania has the highest electricity price in the region, with the exception of Montenegro. Referring to a Eurostat report, the Democratic Party says that in this way the frauds of the government are revealed. According to the blue headquarters, the … Read more

Rama: The price of energy, not in the hands of ERE

15:32 28/10/2022 “I paid for the trips for private work myself“ At the Dibra stop, as part of the pre-election tour, Prime Minister Edi Rama reiterated the decision that the government is protecting families and small businesses by not applying the price for the bandage over 800 kWh. According to the head of the government, … Read more

Balluku: ERE approves the price of energy, the application whether it will increase or not belongs to the government

12:42 28/10/2022 From Bulqiza, the Deputy Prime Minister and at the same time the Minister for Energy and Infrastructure Belinda Balluku has reacted regarding the decision of ERE to increase the price of electricity for consumers who consume more than 800 kWh. Balluku said that the price of energy has not increased as he added … Read more

Von der Leyen: 80 mln Euro grant for Albania to cope with the energy crisis

16:58 27/10/2022 In the joint press conference with Prime Minister Edi Rama, the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, presented the European Union’s plan for coping with the energy crisis. “Russia is violating international order, international law. Russia is trying to use energy as a weapon and we all felt the effects. … Read more

Rama: The fortune tax for energy producers is not a surprise, we did not invent it

12:38 21/10/2022 Edi Rama, in a meeting with farmers in Elbasan, said that there are 3 large energy producers who have received staggering profits because energy has become expensive in the stratosphere. For this reason, he said that a tax will be imposed on them, which will be called the fortune tax. “There are three … Read more

Berisha: Rama, architect of the energy pit

16:22 20/10/2022 To the accusations of the opposition about the energy situation in the country, Sali Berisha demanded that Prime Minister Rama and not the Minister of Energy Belinda Balluku answer them from the floor of the Assembly. “The debate has been called with the Prime Minister and he should be here. You cannot hide … Read more