Rama meets with the British Foreign Secretary: Above all else, cooperation is essential

12:42 24/03/2023 Prime Minister Edi Rama met this Friday with the British Foreign Secretary, James Cleverly. The latter has published on Instagram a joint photo from the meeting between them. “Above everything else, cooperation is essential. The United Kingdom and Albania are working together to promote the security and prosperity of our peoples.” Cleverly writes. … Read more

Leading brain surgeon, 71, says inquiry into law on assisted dying is ‘absolutely essential’

A leading brain surgeon diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer has said an inquiry into assisted dying is ‘absolutely essential’. Henry Marsh, 71, said he was ‘filled with dread’ at the thought of dying slowly when he was told he had prostate cancer six months ago. The typical mortality rate for people in stages three and … Read more

Back to savings school: New to investing? Here’s your essential guide 

Even in normal times, the thought of staking your money on the stock market can seem like a very daunting prospect. And after a particularly dramatic year, savers will be forgiven for feeling a lot more wary than usual. Yet data shows that, over the long term, a well-diversified investment portfolio easily beats a standard … Read more

Nigel Colborn’s essential jobs for your garden this week 

Action plan: Nigel Colborn’s essential jobs for your garden this week Nigel Colborn says mid-March is the perfect time to plant Gladiolus bulbs British gardening expert reveals they thrive best in free-draining soil with sun He also shares advice for a reader who wants to split polyanthus primulas  By Nigel Colborn for the Daily Mail Published: … Read more

Water and organic materials essential for life on Earth are found on the surface of an ASTEROID

The materials essential for life on Earth including organic matter and water have been discovered on the surface of an asteroid for the first time, study shows. Planetary scientists from Royal Holloway University of London examined a single grain of dust returned to Earth from asteroid Itokawa by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) as part … Read more

Beat Rishi’s tax grab: Your essential guide to protecting your wealth

Fears over tax grabs on income and savings are mounting as the Chancellor faces pressure to start balancing the books after the pandemic. Two-thirds of us are worried about tax hikes and almost one in five are concerned their savings will be in the firing line, according to research for Money Mail. And as the … Read more

SECURITIES TRUST OF SCOTLAND: Income is still essential

SECURITIES TRUST OF SCOTLAND: All change at £200 investment fund, but income is still essential By Jeff Prestridge, Financial Mail on Sunday Published: 21:52 GMT, 13 February 2021 | Updated: 21:52 GMT, 13 February 2021 It has been all change at Securities Trust of Scotland, at £200million investment fund with a global income mandate.  Since … Read more

Coronavirus UK: Relatives demand government restarts essential care home visits by March

Relatives have pleaded with the Government to restart essential care home visits by next month. Six groups called for urgent action to reopen care homes in England ‘as a matter of safety, common decency, and fundamental human rights’. It comes after a couple married for 61 years celebrated moving into the same care home together with … Read more

DOMINIC LAWSON: It’s sheer madness to import the coal essential for our steel industry

Political civil war has broken out in the Johnson family — and not for the first time. The Prime Minister’s father, 80-year-old Stanley, has denounced the Government’s decision not to block the construction of Woodhouse Colliery, Britain’s first new deep coal mine in over 30 years. Last week, Johnson Sr pronounced this to be ‘a … Read more

Eton teacher who was sacked over lecture says ‘controversy is essential’ in education

An Eton teacher who was sacked over a lecture attacking ‘radical feminist orthodoxy’ has said ‘controversy is essential’ in education and claimed he’s received support from Tory ministers.   Will Knowland was removed from his role at the prestigious Berkshire school after posting a lecture on Youtube challenging so-called modern feminist views about ‘toxic masculinity’. The … Read more