Vjosa National Park, Rama: Historic moment, we protect forever the last wild river in Europe

11:20 15/03/2023 “The Europeans who tamed their wild rivers flocked to us” The declaration of Vjosa as a National Park is a historical moment. This is how Prime Minister Edi Rama considers this decision of the Albanian Government taken 2 days ago. From Tepelena, where the activity for the Vjosa river declared a National Park … Read more

Rama in Davos: The Western Balkans is in the middle of Europe, we have nowhere to go

17:02 19/01/2023 During the discussion in Davos about the European political community, Prime Minister Rama stated that the countries of the Western Balkans are at the center of Europe and have no intention of going anywhere else. “The Western Balkans is in the middle of Europe. We have nowhere to go. I would like the … Read more

Rama meets Erdogan: Turkey, not a third power for Europe. Decisive for the Balkans

15:39 09/12/2022 Prime Minister Edi Rama has undertaken to convince EU leaders to understand that Turkey is not a third actor for our region. He himself is very convinced of this, so at the annual world forum for peace and security held in Istanbul, speaking about this issue when President Erdogan was sitting in front … Read more

Begaj: December 8 remains the aspiration of a nation to make Albania like all of Europe

09:12 08/12/2022 The President of the country, Bajram Begaj, has commemorated the students of December 1990. Through a post on Facebook, President Begaj writes that December 8 is celebrated as “National Youth Day”, thus expressing gratitude to the students and young people of that time. President Begaj adds that December 8 is the dream of … Read more

Rama proposes to the EU the renewal of Europe

15:48 07/12/2022 “It would make Europeans dream big again” Prime Minister Edi Rama has proposed to the friends he welcomed at the December 6 Summit in Tirana to think about a project that includes the rebirth of the old continent. “Isn’t it time for the European Union to take the leadership to prepare together with … Read more

December 6 protest, Berisha: Rama is afraid that the protesters will condemn him in front of Europe

21:52 04/12/2022 For Sali Berisha, the protest of December 6 is vital to raise one’s voice before Europe and the world. “I was in the campaign, I am in the campaign. We have been in protest, we will be in protest. This has been a year that has been campaigned more than ever. Campaigns and … Read more

Rama’s meeting with the German president/Steinmeier: Europe must be open to expansion towards the Western Balkans

18:10 01/12/2022 Prime Minister Edi Rama received the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, at the Prime Minister’s Office. Through a post on Facebook, Prime Minister Rama wrote that today’s visit by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, was a special pleasure. “It is a special honor and … Read more

Protest on December 6, Berisha: Europe should see that it is coming to a country that ranks below Vietnam

12:58 19/11/2022 On December 6, the day when the summit between the EU and the Western Balkans will be held in Tirana for the first time, the opposition has announced that it will hold the next protest. But, despite the fact that the majority considered holding the protest on the day when the EU comes … Read more

Opposition protest on December 6, Veliaj: What a shame, alla-Berisha protest when Europe gathers in Tirana

18:57 18/11/2022 The mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, has described as a shame the statement of the president of the PD Sali Berisha that the next protest will be on December 6, the day when the EU summit with the Western Balkans will take place and all the European leaders will come. in Tirana for … Read more