Balluku: Albania did not invent the incinerator, they are used in every country in Europe

11:58 13/10/2022 After the ambassador of the European Union delegation in Tirana Christiane Hohman delivered the European Commission’s report on Albania to Deputy Prime Minister Belinda Balluku, they held a conference with journalists. Asked about “one of the chapters of the progress report, when it is said that the government’s policies on incineration contradict the … Read more

Resolution against Dick Marty’s report, Rama: Tomorrow my speech at the Council of Europe

22:11 11/10/2022 Prime Minister Edi Rama has announced that the next day he will deliver a speech at the Council of Europe. The head of government is expected to speak about Albania’s attitude towards Dick Marty’s report. “When the world is turned upside down and victims become perpetrators, then anything is possible… Tomorrow my speech … Read more

Visit to Berlin, Gjiknuri: Europe should not lose focus from the Western Balkans

18:35 22/09/2022 A delegation of the Socialist Party led by the General Secretary of the SP, Damian Gjiknuri, conducted a working visit to Berlin where he met with the highest levels of policy making in the German Social Democratic Party and the German Bundestag on issues related to the Western Balkans. During these meetings, which … Read more

Fresh blow for AstraZeneca as vaccine is linked to another dangerous blood condition in Europe

Another dangerous blood condition has been spotted in patients given the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine, the EU’s medical regulator has announced.  The European Medicines Authority said five cases of capillary leak syndrome had been reported in vaccinated patients on the continent. The rare condition sees blood leak from tiny vessels into muscles and body cavities, resulting … Read more

Life expectancy plunges across the Europe in 2020 amid Covid pandemic

Life expectancy plunges across Europe with England, Spain, Italy and Belgium seeing their average drop by more than a year in 2020 amid Covid pandemic Biggest drop in life expectancy was in Spain, with a loss of 1.6 years from 2019   Denmark and Finland were the only states to see a rise in the statistic … Read more

Europe Covid vaccines: Regulator probes Sputnik V over ethical concerns

EU is investigating claims Russia’s Sputnik V trials contravened ethical and scientific standards and test subjects were ‘forced to take part’ European Medicines Agency will probe whether ‘volunteers’ were pressured to take part in Sputnik V vaccine trials in Russia  Comes after texts were uncovered showing boss of government office berating his staff for failing … Read more

Is this the oldest map in Europe? Stone slab with markings made 4,000 years ago shows part of France

Is this the oldest map in Europe? Giant stone slab with markings etched 4,000 years ago depicts a region of France during the Bronze Age A stone slab forgotten for a century has been deemed the oldest map in Europe The stone slab dates back to some 4,000 years ago during the Bronze Age  It … Read more

British expats ‘being denied basic services in Europe due to post-Brexit red tape’

Britons in Europe are being denied access bank accounts, jobs, healthcare and university places as due to post-Brexit red tape – even though access to those services is guaranteed under the withdrawal agreement.  Those living in Spain, Italy and France say they have been hit by new rules which are poorly understood by local officials … Read more

Covid Europe: Italy enters strict three-day lockdown while France begins four week national shutdown

Italy and France entered strict lockdowns today, with both countries struggling to cope with a dramatic rise in Covid-19 cases that has overwhelmed hospitals.  In Italy, the country entered a three-day Easter lockdown to prevent a surge in infections over the bank holiday weekend. The entire country is now in the ‘red zone’ – the … Read more