The December 6 protest, Balla: To prevent the EU’s decision to declare Berisha “non grata”

11:47 21/11/2022 “Albanians are not in the habit of waiting for their friends with protests, but to wait properly“ The opposition will go down to the square with the citizens to protest on December 6, the day when Tirana will host the leaders of the EU countries for the EU-Western Balkans summit. Regarding this, the … Read more

EU’s new export rules leave small British firms struggling

‘My profit has been wiped out by a £250,000 cost’: EU’s new export rules leave small British firms struggling Jerry Lawson of Frogbike said administration fees charged by each government to his customers had forced him to pause selling into Denmark, Spain and Poland He had to hire extra employees to cope with the added … Read more

Vaccine expert slams EU’s ‘hopeless’ tracking of Covid outbreaks

Vaccine expert slams EU’s ‘completely hopeless’ tracking of Covid outbreaks as he warns ‘biggest risk’ to UK is importing South African variant from Europe Professor Sir John Bell is leading member of Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine team He said ‘biggest risk’ to the UK is importing South African variant from Europe He said Europe has been ‘completely … Read more

‘Thousands of lives’ needlessly lost to EU’s AstraZeneca ban

Europe’s rush to ban the AstraZeneca vaccine over sporadic reports of blood clots may have cost ‘thousands’ of lives, a British expert has said, as EU regulators gave their definitive verdict that the jab is safe and effective. A series of countries including Germany, France and Italy have already U-turned and said they will resume … Read more

EU’s drug regulator says severe allergies should be added to list of side effects

Severe allergies should be added to the list of possible side effects of AstraZeneca‘s Covid-19 vaccination, the EU’s drug regulator said. The development comes after 41 reports of possible anaphylaxis were detected in the UK, with likely links to the vaccination.    Severe allergic reaction is listed as ‘not known’ under possible side effects of the AstraZeneca jab … Read more

ROSS CLARK: EU’s Covid vaccine rollout highlights everything wrong with the union

The EU’s vaccine-buying programme provided it with an opportunity to demonstrate the superiority of its trans-national way of doing things over the go-it-alone approach of Brexit Britain. Instead, it has highlighted everything that is wrong with the bloc – and why member states should think about following Britain’s example and getting out. Now the EU’s … Read more

MARY ELLEN SYNON: EU’s vaccine catastrophe lie in Merkel’s shadowy past in Communist East Germany

Just imagine Angela Merkel’s teenage years in the German Democratic Republic. The Berlin Wall was dividing the city, and dozens of her fellow citizens were shot dead when they tried to climb it and escape. Across East Germany, every second German was informing on neighbours and work colleagues to the Stasi secret police. Soviet KGB … Read more

EU’s top court threatens to fine Britain over air pollution

EU’s top court threatens to fine Britain for breaking air pollution rules in its first ruling against the UK since Brexit Britain left the ECJ on December 31 but will apply rulings from outstanding cases The court said the UK had ‘systematically’ flouted EU limits on nitrogen dioxide  If Britain fails to cut pollution the … Read more

EU’s vaccine passports offer a hope for holidays

Hopes of foreign summer holidays were given a boost last night after the European Union said its ‘vaccine passports’ scheme could be opened up to the UK. European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen announced plans for a so-called ‘Digital Green Pass’ to kick-start travel. It could come into force as early as June and the … Read more