And he’s off! Horse is airlifted by Swiss military chopper as part of an evacuation trial

A horse was airlifted by the Swiss Air Force as part of an unusual trial on Friday.  The heavy cargo was hoisted from the ground by a military helicopter as part of a test to work out whether injured animals can be evacuated and transported to vets quickly.   The Swiss military also carried out a second … Read more

Letter written in 1940 by Royal Navy officer during evacuation of Dunkirk goes up for auction

A harrowing letter revealing the bravery of a Royal Navy Officer who risked his life to rescue Allied troops from Dunkirk has come to light 81 years later.     Lieutenant Walter Bonham penned a six page letter to his father Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bonham from a hotel in Margate after ferrying troops on a small vessel back to Britain … Read more

Julia Roberts and family put on ‘evacuation standby’ during the flood emergency in NSW

Hollywood actress Julia Roberts and her family put on ‘evacuation standby’ at their luxury private estate in the Hawkesbury region during the flood emergency in NSW By Alisha Buaya For Daily Mail Australia Published: 00:48 GMT, 27 March 2021 | Updated: 00:53 GMT, 27 March 2021 Julia Roberts and her family were put on ‘evacuation … Read more

Hurricane Delta smashes into Cancun as 40,000 tourists are placed in evacuation shelters

Hurricane Delta has ruined dream vacations for thousands of tourists who were forced to pack into crowded emergency shelters rife with risk of spreading coronavirus as fierce winds and torrential rains battered Mexico’s top resort destination in Cancun.     Delta made landfall at about 5.30am as an extremely dangerous Category 2 storm with winds of up … Read more