Berisha sits in the socialist chair, Spiropali and Balla “explode”: low provocation

13:57 22/09/2022 Former prime minister: I sat down to tell the socialists that the democrats are today their lawyers in the parliament Sali Berisha: Not by chance, for the first time I waited sitting in a chair of the socialist deputies. I did this with the most sincere intention to tell the Albanian socialists that … Read more

Elon Musk reveals ‘a (relatively) small’ methane leak caused Starship SN11 to explode

SpaceX launched its Starship Serial Number 11 (SN11) March 30 for a high altitude test that ended with the rocket exploding and debris raining from the sky – and Elon Musk has officially revealed what happened. The billionaire shared details on Twitter saying ‘a (relatively) small’ methane leak led to its demise, which was what … Read more

Pick-up driver’s airbags explode and send his hat flying across parking lot

Cap that! Pick-up driver’s airbags explode and send his hat flying across parking lot as he reverses off lamppost after bizarre fender bender A pick-up driver managed to drive his vehicle halfway up a pole in a car park Footage showed the moment he reversed the white truck back to the ground When the vehicle … Read more

Single mother revealed how a flesh-eating bacteria caused her C-section scar to explode

A first-time mother has revealed how she was left ‘destroyed’ after a flesh-eating bug caused her Caesarean wound to explode the shower. Deanna Hirrell, 26, from Leicester, gave birth to baby boy Kalub by C-section, but just a couple of days later her scar burst open while she was in the shower. She phoned her … Read more