In the final extract of his memoir, ALAN DUNCAN gives withering take on Boris Johnson’s new reign 

It’s a massacre! In the final extract of his excoriating memoir, Alan Duncan gives his withering take on Johnson’s new reign. Our final extract from Alan Duncan’s riotous diaries opens as Theresa May, beleaguered in No 10, finally announces the date of her departure as prime minister. Meanwhile, Tory MPs are already throwing their hats … Read more

GM unveils its $105,595 Hummer EV SUV with an ‘extract mode’ that raises it six feet off the ground

The Hummer was the epitome of gas-guzzling excess before retiring in 2010, but General Motors (GM) has revived the iconic vehicle with an eco-friendly design. The carmaker unveiled its new five-seat Hummer EV SUV, which can go 300 miles before it needs a recharge. Retailing for $105,595. the top-line Edition 1 offers 830 horsepower, 82 … Read more

Russia scientists ‘are trying to extract prehistoric viruses from 50,000-year-old animal caracasses’

Russia is seeking to unlock unknown prehistoric viruses up to 50,000 years old by extracting biological material from carcasses of ancient animals frozen in permafrost. Scientists from the Kremlin’s equivalent of Porton Down are this week taking samples from a collection of specimens preserved in ice which have been found in recent years. They are … Read more

States to get syringes to extract extra Pfizer vaccine doses this week

US states will get their first shipments of desperately needed special syringes to help them get every dose out of Pfizer‘s vials of COVID-19 vaccines this week, health department officials told CBS News.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave its go-ahead to clinicians to extract a sixth dose from Pfizer’s vials after providers discovered … Read more

ISS: Space miners may use BACTERIA to extract useful metals

Future space miners working on Mars or the Moon could be using bacteria to extract useful metals and minerals from rocks rather than drills and tools, study finds.  Researchers from the University of Edinburgh designed experiments to run on the International Space Station that proved using microbes to recover valuable resources could work in zero … Read more

British firm given £250,000 to figure out how to extract oxygen from moon rocks

Up to £250,000 has been awarded to a British firm by the European Space Agency (ESA) with the explicit aim of extracting oxygen out of lunar rocks.  Metalysis, based in Rotherham, currently specialises in getting precious metals out of minerals for use in electronics.  As part of its process it uses electricity to strip away … Read more

Exclusive extract from J.K. ROWLING’s new book The Ickabog

One night, at the start of the first lockdown, author J.K. Rowling had an inspired idea.  Best known for her seven Harry Potter books, there was another story she’d written to read to her own family ten years ago which had never been published.  So she decided to dust off the manuscript and launch a … Read more

Security experts extract 75,000 ‘highly sensitive’ files from 100 USB drives sold on eBay

Security experts extract 75,000 ‘highly sensitive’ files from 100 USB drives sold on eBay that could be used by hackers to blackmail sellers who did not properly wipe the devices Experts bought 100 USB drives on eBay and extracted 75,000 files from them  The devices held passwords, bank statements, internet history and more Researchers used publicly available … Read more

Bovril delight vegans by launching plant-based alternative to meat extract

Bovril has announced that it will be launching a new plant-based version of its classic meat extract paste next year.  After 120 years of making the meat extract, the Bovril Company has partnered with the world’s first vegan football club, Forest Green Rovers (FGR) to create the very first vegan alternative to the drink.  The high-protein … Read more

Woman claims serum made from wild MUSTARD extract helped to improve her acne in just two weeks

A woman who was bullied because of her severe acne has claimed that a treatment made from wild mustard extract helped to improve her skin in just two weeks. Rebekah Cameron, 24, from Merseyside, who lives with her dog Finn, first got acne when she was 11-years-old, and went on to have a 13-year battle … Read more