Cleo Smith missing: Australian police hunt for four-year-old who disappeared

Police are hunting for a four-year-old girl who has been missing for three days after vanishing from a campsite in rural Australia.  Cleo Smith was last seen by mother Ellie on Saturday in a tent they were sharing at the Blow Holes campsite on the coast of Western Australia.  Ellie said she had an ‘interaction’ with Cleo … Read more

Woolworths shopper slams supermarket for its inappropriate Halloween decoration

Woolworths takes down Halloween decoration after mum slammed the ‘inappropriate’ display after it terrified her kids – so do you agree with her? A mum has slammed Woolworths over its ‘inappropriate’ Halloween decoration  Her kids were frightened when they spotted skull figure floating near meat aisle Woolworths confirmed store has ‘amended’ the display by removing … Read more

Ethiopian orphan reunited with first toy received on being adopted by US couple a year after lost it

An Ethiopian orphan has been reunited with the first toy she ever owned a year after losing it during a hike thanks to a very lucky coincidence.  Naomi Pascal, six, was adopted from an orphanage in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in 2016 and now lives in Jackson, Wyoming, with her parents Benjamin, 44, and Adeline Pascal, … Read more

Couple order motorist who parked on their drive to pay £100 to have the car released

A couple have been slammed as ‘morally bankrupt’ after ‘impounding’ a car mistakenly parked on their driveway and demanding the owner cough up £100 to release it – but the police say it is perfectly ‘legal’.  Barry Newton and his girlfriend Zoe Hameston were baffled when they found the blue Peugeot parked at their home … Read more

Tesco will check the receipt of EVERY customer leaving its Rotherham town centre store

Tesco will check the receipt of EVERY customer leaving its Rotherham town centre store in bid to crack down on theft and anti-social behaviour The Extra store on Drummond Street introduced the measure today via a notice The document claims another Tesco store trialled receipt checking with success Tesco is ‘sorry for any inconvenience caused’ … Read more

Australian woman slammed over Smokemart gift card for stepson’s 15th birthday

Parents are outraged over a woman’s ‘classy’ birthday gift for her 15-year-old stepson – so can you spot why? A woman gave her stepson a Smokemart gift card for his 15th birthday The voucher gave the boy $30 to spend at Australia’s leading tobacco store The chain, which has 222 shops nationwide, sells cigarettes, vapes … Read more

Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal demands Facebook CEO appear in Congress

Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut on Wednesday demanded Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg appear before Congress to address accusations by a company whistleblower who accused the company of knowingly harming children with its products.  Blumenthal accused the platform of ‘amplifying and weaponizing hate speech,’ and blasted the exec for spending Monday sailing a day before a … Read more

Amazon acquires Facebook’s ENTIRE internet satellite team to boost its Project Kuiper

Amazon acquires Facebook’s ENTIRE internet satellite team as it ramps up plans to provide internet to unserved areas of the world A new report reveals Amazon acquired Facebook’s internet satellite team  The deal included more than a dozen employees who started working for Amazon in April at the tech giant’s Los Angeles location The team includes … Read more

Darlington Tory councillor facing misconduct hearing for sharing Facebook meme about slavery

Tory councillor who shared Facebook meme saying ‘white slaves were sold for centuries’ is facing misconduct probe Pauline Culley broke Darlington Borough Council’s code of conduct last year The councillor since 2014 shared a meme that read ‘white slaves were sold’ Opposition councillors said meme suggested black suffering was insignificant  By Emer Scully For Mailonline … Read more