The opposition wants it in the Parliament, Rama posts on “Facebook”

11:35 02/02/2023 While in Parliament, DP deputies are asking him to develop a motion with debate and interpellation on the issue of “McGonigal”, the Prime Minister of the country Edi Rama has posted on his social network “Facebook”. Prime Minister Rama’s post is dedicated to the construction of the new commercial port in Porto Romano … Read more

LA County gives out first-ever ‘permanent unicorn license’ to young girl who asked for a permit

Los Angeles County officials have granted the first ever ‘permanent unicorn license’ to a young girl who asked if she could have permission to house the mythical animal.  A post shared to the County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control’s Facebook page shows a letter from young Madeline who asked local leaders for the … Read more

The session is suspended, Berisha goes live on social networks: Turn off the microphone as much as you want, but this is the miracle of Facebook

11:18 17/11/2022 Today’s plenary session was suspended a few minutes after the leader of the DP, Sali Berisha, and the General Secretary, Flamur Noka, went to the floor of the Assembly. First, Noka requested that the opposition MPs have their time to speak. “Here you have published a list of discussants. Am I a deputy … Read more

Australia Twitter lead Neil Varcoe on ‘gardening leave’ after Elon Musk axes his entire team

TV star Edwina Bartholomew’s husband is on ‘gardening leave’ after Elon Musk axed his Twitter team. Twitter Australia’s editorial curation lead, Neil Varcoe, 40, revealed he was on ‘gardening leave’ on Monday – sharing a picture of the Bunnings warehouse plant section to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The term is used to describe an employee’s … Read more

How to make white sneakers white again: Aussie mum shares her incredible shoe cleaning hacks

The very simple trick for making filthy sneakers sparkling white again – and the results are so good they look ‘photoshopped’ A thrifty mum has shared how she cleaned her white sneakers to look new again  The woman started by scrubbed the shoes with water and a stain removal spray  She then let them soak … Read more

How to make a stylish rattan stand using two unlikely products from Kmart

Clever shopper reveals her trendy cupcake stand ‘hack’ using two unlikely products from Kmart – and is praised by hundreds An Aussie Kmart customer has shared how she crafted a stand for a baby shower Sally used unlikely Kmart buys – rolling pins, rattan trays and glue    The DIY hack has been praised by hundreds … Read more

Schumer’s daughters work in big tech while Senate pursues antitrust bills

Chuck Schumer faces questions about conflicts of interest as it’s revealed his daughters work at Amazon and Facebook while Senate pursues antitrust bills Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s two adult daughters work for ‘big tech,’ raising questions about whether he has conflicts of interest  The New York Post reported Tuesday that Jessica Schumer is a … Read more