Courteney Cox dons FALSE FANGS to prank Johnny McDaid and Coco, 16, for April Fool’s Day

Courteney Cox dons FALSE FANGS to prank fiance Johnny McDaid and daughter Coco, 16, for April Fool’s Day By Sameer Suri For Published: 07:56 BST, 2 April 2021 | Updated: 07:56 BST, 2 April 2021 She rose to fame as a sitcom star on Friends. And Courteney Cox could be seen going for the … Read more

Covid-19: ‘Vast majority’ of positive rapid Covid tests are likely to be false, scientist claims

The ‘vast majority’ of positive rapid Covid tests at school are likely to be false, Professor Jon Deeks,  Mass testing of secondary school pupils is costing £120,000 for every case it detects, it emerged today. Data from March 11 to 18 shows 1,805 positive results from 3.8million tests taken. Given the current best-guess false-positive rate, only … Read more

Mother rushes daughter to hospital after false widow spider bite turned septic

A mother-of-two had to rush her six-year-old daughter to hospital after a bite from a false widow spider turned septic. Ayla Riddock complained that her foot was itchy after spending the day playing in the garden at home in Falkirk, Scotland. She asked her mother, Kim Matheson, 28, to take a look, and she noticed … Read more

Covid: Rapid lateral flow tests miss 42% asymptomatic cases and give false positives, review says

Rapid coronavirus tests may miss four in 10 asymptomatic people, a major review has concluded. Researchers who analysed 64 studies of the effectiveness of lateral flow devices found they failed to detect 42 per cent of cases who didn’t show signs of illness. The Cochrane review found the tests, which give a result in 30 … Read more

False memories can be REVERSED with interview techniques, study finds

The human brain is susceptible to suggestive comments, subliminal messages and other tricks that create false memories, but new research has found a way to reverse fabricated ideas. Previous work has focused on planting fictitious events in people’s memories, but teams from Germany and the UK collaborated in developing interview techniques to undo them.  Subjects … Read more

Kylie Jenner clears up ‘false narrative’ and crowd funding makeup artist’s bills after car collision

Kylie Jenner clears up ‘false narrative’ surrounding crowd funding makeup artist’s medical bills following terrible car collision… after fans accuse her of not doing enough to help By Tracy Wright For Published: 22:15 GMT, 22 March 2021 | Updated: 22:15 GMT, 22 March 2021 Kylie Jenner took to social media to clear up a … Read more

Why I fear older celebrity mums give women false hope

Walking into the clinic on a cold, miserable December day, I knew the drill. I’d been here before, admittedly not this clinic, but IVF clinics are the same the world over. This was the ‘follow-up consultation’. The appointment that you hope you’re not going to have, because it’s the one you get when you don’t … Read more

Beware the false utopia of post-pandemic life, expert warns

Post-lockdown life WON’T be as rosy as you think: Experts warn against hoping for ‘normality’ because friendships have shifted and values have changed over lockdown Dr Lorna Bourke is principal lecturer in psychology at Liverpool Hope University Warns friendship groups are likely to have shifted dramatically during lockdown Says potential for family feuds to be reignited once … Read more

Victims of false ‘VIP paedophile ring’ claim slam Home Secretary Priti Patel

Victims of the VIP paedophile scandal accused Priti Patel of shirking her responsibility as Home Secretary last night after she dismissed growing calls for a fresh inquiry. Miss Patel was under pressure to act after six of her predecessors said confidence in the police had been seriously damaged by Scotland Yard’s investigation into false claims … Read more

Serco slams false Labour claims over Test & Trace

As outsourcer is accused of bagging £37bn from controversial scheme to tackle Covid, Serco slams false Labour claims over Test & Trace Jeremy Corbyn and leading Labour MPs wrongly suggested it had bagged £37billion from the scheme  The outsourcing group has faced criticism over the controversial programme   The firm said it had been awarded contracts … Read more