Kim Jong Un warns North Korea is facing ‘worst ever’ famine

Kim Jong Un compares North Korea’s situation to 1990s famine that saw millions starve to death as US sanctions and Covid-19 leave the nation in its ‘worst-ever’ situation Kim Jong Un warned party cadres that North Korea is in its ‘worst ever’ situation¬† Told them to prepare for a ‘more difficult’ crisis than ‘Arduous March’ … Read more

Ireland manager’s ‘anti-English’ video ‘included clips about the Great Famine and Easter Rising’

Footballers for the Republic of Ireland were left stunned after being shown an ‘anti-English’ video featuring the 1916 Proclamation of Independence, the Easter Rising and the Great Famine as a motivational tool, it has been revealed. In an incident now being investigated by the ROI¬†Football Association, it is claimed manager Stephen Kenny showed his players … Read more