Berisha: The farce of May 14, unprecedented phenomena in the history of elections in Albania

12:26 26/05/2023 In the weekly conference with journalists, the chief democrat Berisha has stated again that he does not know the result of the May 14 elections. During his speech, the chairman of the DP, Berisha, listed his claims as to why he does not know the local elections, which he calls “farce”. Berisha says … Read more

Red tape farce of German vaccination roll-out as it emerges 80-year-olds have to fill in TEN forms

The vaccine roll-out in Germany has descended into chaos as it emerged that 80-year-olds have to fill in ten forms just to get the jab. Angela Merkel‘s coalition government is facing increasing criticism over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic with its vaccination programme now faltering. Europe’s largest economy appears to be lagging behind with … Read more

Grades farce as pupils can see questions in advance

Grades farce as pupils can see questions in advance: Exams regulator is branded ‘a joke’ after agreeing to make questions and marking schemes available online Students to access mini-assessments that teachers can use to help grade them Officials insist evaluations should be viewed more like coursework than exams It comes as ministers warned against ‘punishing’ … Read more

Border farce! Confusion in town that straddles both England and Wales

Confusion has broken out in a town that straddles both England and Wales as it faces being in Tier 1 and a ‘fire break’ lockdown at the same time. Knighton, which has 3,172 inhabitants, sits nestled in a valley 162 miles from London and 81 miles from Cardiff. The majority of the small town’s population – … Read more

What can we learn from nations that got it right? VICTORIA ALLEN analyses UK’s Covid testing farce

Why has Test and Trace fallen apart in England while other countries have managed to make the system work? The principle is simple – test people with symptoms, trace their contacts and ask them to self-isolate – but the execution has varied dramatically. England has lagged behind countries such as South Korea, which rapidly grasped … Read more

Windfarm farce blew £1.4billion of taxpayer’s money

A botched green scheme is paying wind turbine owners seven times the value of the electricity they generate – and it is set to cost UK consumers an estimated £1.4billion.  The Daily Mail can reveal the eyewatering fiasco in the week Boris Johnson declared that wind power was the future for the nation’s energy generation. … Read more

Dr MAX PEMBERTON gives his devastating verdict on yet another Covid-19 farce 

When coronavirus first struck Britain, Boris Johnson assured the public that ‘our country remains extremely well prepared’ to cope. Among our national assets, he boasted, was a ‘fantastic testing system’. Even when the virus was at its peak in May, the Prime Minister was still in hyperbolic mode as he promised that the testing regime … Read more

Theresa May leads Tory backlash over airport testing farce

Theresa May yesterday led a Tory backlash over the failure to introduce virus tests at airports. The former prime minister said Britain is ‘lagging behind’ the rest of the world and accused No10 of ‘dragging its feet’ on plans to reopen the skies and save the economy. Her intervention came as British Airways announced plans to … Read more

‘Jihadi’ textbook probe descends into farce after researchers analysed Israeli book promoting peace

‘Jihadi’ textbook probe descends into farce: Investigation into literature used in British-funded Palestinian schools is slammed – after researchers analysed Israeli publications promoting peace A joint UK-EU study to provide a ‘thorough review’ of the books was promised Report to be completed in October by Germany’s Georg Eckert Institute Concerns were raised after presentation of … Read more

Border Farce! Labour blasts Home Office over ‘dangerous’ scenes at Heathrow

A leading Labour MP has today blasted the Home Office over the ‘dangerous’ scenes at Heathrow Airport, where passengers were forced into massive queues with little social distancing amid claims of a lack of Border Force staff at passport control. Nick Thomas Symonds, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, described yesterday’s scenes at the London airport as … Read more