Albanian drugs gangs running cannabis farms across Britain are posing as victims of modern slavery

Albanian drugs gangs running cannabis farms across Britain are posing as victims of modern slavery and human trafficking to avoid prosecution Police chiefs seeing rise in use of National Referral Mechanism in recent years This is a tool used to highlight cases where people may have been exploited Concerns over more ‘contentious’ claims being made … Read more

Landowners across UK to turn their stately homes, farms and even racecourses into pop-up campsites

Hundreds of temporary camping sites could be set up across the UK this summer as holidaymakers prepare to ditch sunny climes in favour of a Great British getaway. Tourism chiefs say demand for camp sites and UK holiday homes for this summer has boomed – with Britons cautious about trips abroad due to the possibility Covid … Read more

New parents Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund head out for a grocery run at Bristol Farms

New parents Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund head out for a grocery run at Bristol Farms in Beverly Hills By Brian Gallagher For Published: 01:26 GMT, 16 March 2021 | Updated: 01:26 GMT, 16 March 2021 Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund got their week off to a nourishing start by heading out on a … Read more

Horrifying scenes uncovered at Chinese fur farms as animals are slaughtered

Terrified animals are being kept in tiny cages, electrocuted in agony and then skinned in front of their still-living cage mates at fur farms in China. Investigators exposed horrifying scenes at 13 farms in northern China that they visited last year and which were raising raccoon dogs, foxes and mink for their fur. They found workers … Read more

Colorado’s indoor cannabis farms produces 30% more carbon than the state’s coal mining industry

Despite being touted as the ultimate ‘green’ crop, cannabis is having a major impact on the environment, a new study suggest. Researches at Colorado State University found in Colorado that growing the drug indoors produces more than 30 percent more greenhouse gases than the state’s coal mining industry. The team found that the larger carbon … Read more

These British farms offer the perfect escape to the country

We’ve been cooped up for so long that the chance to go free-range in Britain once lockdown eases will make this spring really special. With the big outdoors beckoning at last, it’s no surprise that bookings for farm stays are soaring. And while there are plenty of places that offer rustic simplicity by the acre, … Read more

Government to spend £5m on new ‘hydrogen hub’ and £20m on offshore wind farms

Government to spend £20m on offshore wind farms and £5m on ‘hydrogen hub’: The Budget funding helping UK reach net zero emissions In Budget speech, Rishi Sunak says £20m will go to offshore wind technology Another £4.8m will support the development of a hydrogen hub in Wales  The Government target is for the UK to … Read more

HALF of British police stations have closed in ten years… with some turned into cannabis farms

More than half of Britain’s police stations have closed in the past ten years, a shocking Mail investigation reveals today. At least 667 stations with front counters allowing the public to talk to officers have been shut down since 2010 in drastic cost-cutting measures. Many more have closed temporarily during the Covid pandemic, prompting fears … Read more

Queen’s Crown Estate sells off lucrative rights to offshore wind farms

By Steve Doughty for the Daily Mail Lawyers for the Queen lobbied ministers to alter a draft law so that her private wealth could be kept secret, newly-uncovered records have suggested. Legislation was changed so that any ‘potentially embarrassing’ investments she held could be concealed from the public, it was alleged. The incident, which happened almost … Read more

Drake and Paul Rudd join Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers in State Farm’s Super Bowl LV ad

He’s not afraid to poke fun at himself, even in his own music videos. And Drake continued to play the good sport when he made a surprise appearance in State Farm Insurance’s Super Bowl LV ad on Sunday. The 34-year-old rap superstar joined Paul Rudd, 51, as stand-ins in a meta commercial that also featured … Read more