With 94 votes in favor, the Parliament votes for the full opening of the files and their declassification

23:53 20/10/2022 The Parliament voted with 94 votes in favor, 1 abstention, none against the bill for the full opening of the State Security files. 98 deputies were present at the plenary session. The vote was preceded by a long debate, as the majority from the initial proposal for the repeal of point 4 of … Read more

Tabaku in favor of Berisha’s proposal for “Territorial”

16:38 05/10/2022 The democratic deputy also clarified the meeting with the ambassadors in the presidency of the Assembly Immediately after the ambassadors left the presidency of the Assembly, the democratic deputy, Jorida Tabaku, revealed in Klan News the meeting she and her colleagues had with them. “They were informed about the pro efforts and the … Read more

Conservatives tend to favor personal experience over scientific expertise, study revealsĀ 

Conservatives are more likely to put anecdotal experience and empirical evidence on equal footing, according to a recent study. Researchers presented nearly 1,000 participants with articles debunking popular theories on gambling, new age medicine and personality tests. Although all the articles included scientific experts disproving the theory, they also included dissenting opinions from non-experts who … Read more

Joe Biden makes his victory speech in Delaware after election is called in his favor

Joe Biden proclaimed his victory over Donald Trump as he addressed the nation Saturday night saying: ‘The people have delivered us a clear victory.’ The 77-year-old president-elect took to the stage in Wilmington, Delaware after being introduced by Kamala Harris, his vice-president elect, to cheers from a crowd who had driven in to hear him. … Read more