McGonigal file debate in parliament

15:40 26/01/2023 Berisha: Rama has no escape. Balla: Noise for “January 21” The Prime Minister’s absence from the session and the rejection of the opposition’s request for a motion to debate with him on the McGonigal case has brought back heated debates in parliament. “Edi Rama should come here or announce his resignation and go … Read more

Minister of Justice: The January 21 file should have been sent to SPAK on the first day of the creation of this structure

16:40 21/01/2023 The Minister of Justice Ulsi Manja held a press conference this Saturday afternoon, which coincides with the 12th anniversary of the January 21 event, where 4 citizens were killed during the protest in front of the Prime Minister’s Office. The Minister of Justice has stated that the event should be investigated as a … Read more

DP: SPAK to investigate the file of lawyer Ravik Gurra

15:46 22/11/2022 “Taulant Balla, the politician who ordered the murders” The Democratic Party asks SPAK to open and investigate the file of lawyer Ravik Gurra, since according to it, from the testimonies of Ardian Çapjas and the repentant justice Nuredin Dumani, the name of Taulant Balla is mentioned as the politician who ordered the murder. … Read more

Lucy Boynton braves the cold on set of The Ipcress File remake

She is set to play screen siren Jean Courtney in The Ipcress File remake. And Lucy Boynton was seen getting into character as she dashed around the set of the ITV series between scenes on Tuesday.  Despite the frosty weather in Liverpool, the 27-year-old actress wasted no time as she dashed from trailer to trailer in … Read more

Joe Cole revives Harry Palmer for a TV remake of Cold War spy thriller The Ipcress File

Has this Peaky Blinders star got the specs appeal to play Sir Michael? Joe Cole revives Harry Palmer for a TV remake of Cold War spy thriller The Ipcress File – which catapulted Caine’s career By Padraic Flanagan For The Mail On Sunday Published: 00:39 BST, 4 April 2021 | Updated: 00:40 BST, 4 April … Read more

Digital artwork which only exists as a JPG file sells at Christie’s for $69.3MILLION

A digital collage by American artist Beeple which exists only as a JPG file sold Thursday for a record $69.3 million at Christie’s, fetching more money than physical works by many better-known artists. ‘Everydays: The First 5,000 Days’ became the most expensive ever ‘non-fungible token’ (NFT) – a collectible digital asset that uses blockchain technology … Read more

You have until midnight Sunday to file that late tax return

Self-assessment taxpayers must submit their late tax returns by midnight on Sunday – or start to incur penalties By Rachel Rickard Straus, Financial Mail On Sunday Published: 21:50 GMT, 27 February 2021 | Updated: 21:50 GMT, 27 February 2021 Self-assessment taxpayers must submit their late tax returns by midnight tonight – or start to incur … Read more

Lucy Boynton oozes glamour as she films The Ipcress File with co-star Joe Cole

The Ipcress File FIRST LOOK: Lucy Boynton oozes glamour as she films with co-star Joe Cole for new six-part adaptation of the 1960s classic By Charlotte Dean For Mailonline Published: 11:08 GMT, 12 February 2021 | Updated: 11:14 GMT, 12 February 2021 Lucy Boynton and her co-star Joe Cole were spotted filming a new six-part … Read more

Pfizer will file for emergency FDA approval of its coronavirus vaccine TOMORROW

The first application for emergency Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for a coronavirus vaccine in the U. S. will be filed Friday by Pfizer’s partner BioNTech, announced Health and Human Service Secretary Alex Azar during a rare White House coronavirus task force briefing on Thursday.   Final data, released Wednesday, showed the vaccine was 95 … Read more

Department of Justice will file an antitrust lawsuit against Google today

Department of Justice sues Google, claiming it uses its power unfairly to preserve a monopoly as ‘the gatekeeper to the internet’ and shut out any search engine competitors The DoJ is preparing to file a lawsuit on Tuesday that accuses Google of shutting out competitors unfairly Because Google is the preferred advertising platform among businesses, … Read more