The complex findings about multi-racial Britain by authors who did NOT say racism doesn’t exist

Despite a landmark report this week concluding that Britain is a model for other countries when dealing with matters of race, a chorus of voices from the Left have condemned its findings. Among the most inflammatory attacks on the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities’ report were that it ‘sweeps the history of slavery under … Read more

PROFESSOR MATT GOODWIN says findings about the white working class in race report shamefully ignored

Professor Matthew Goodwin Should you want to succeed in modern Britain, don’t be a poor white boy. That is what you might conclude after reading the controversial new report on race in Britain. It is not a fashionable thing to say in a society that has lost interest in the white working class, but it … Read more

Nicola Sturgeon faces moment of truth with Salmond inquiry findings

Nicola Sturgeon is facing a moment of truth that could end her political career as early as today as a report is released into whether she broke the ministerial code in the Alex Salmond case. The results of a probe by James Hamilton QC into the First Minister’s conduct could be revealed within hours, with her … Read more

Inquiry into Duchess of Sussex bullying claims might not release findings until 2022 

Palace ‘won’t rush’ bullying inquiry: Probe into claims about Duchess of Sussex might not release findings until 2022 Buckingham Palace says it may not release findings into inquiry until next year Up to 12 people could give evidence in the investigation into couple’s behaviour It comes after Meghan accused of ‘driving out’ two PAs from … Read more

Britain’s jobs outlook is the weakest in Europe, findings warn

The outlook for jobs in Britain is worst than in any other country in Europe and beyond, fresh data has revealed as the pandemic continues to hit people’s pockets and prospects. Jobs in hospitality and retail continue to be hammered by the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic as sporadic lockdown restrictions look set to roll … Read more

PM ‘pressured advisor to tone down report on Priti Patel bullying to make findings more palatable’

Boris Johnson is facing allegations that he pressured his standards advisor to water down his report on Priti Patel’s bullying of staff to make the findings more ‘palatable’.  Downing Street did not deny claims Mr Johnson had tried and failed to convince Sir Alex Allan to tone down his conclusion that the Home Secretary’s behaviour … Read more