Exercise: Almost HALF of recreational runners injure themselves in a year, study finds 

Running injuries can affect anyone, from experienced runners who push themselves hard, to beginners whose muscles are not used to running. Below are 5 of the most common running injuries. Find out how to spot the symptoms, what causes the injuries, and what to do if you get one, including when to get medical help. … Read more

Food: People expect chocolate to taste more BITTER if it is in black packaging, study finds

Black chocolate wrappers make consumers think that confectionary will taste more bitter, while yellow and pink create expectations of sweetness, a study found. Researchers from Brazil asked 420 individuals to predict the taste qualities of slabs of milk and dark chocolate that came presented in different coloured packaging. They also found that black wrapping made people expect … Read more

Dogs get jealous when they imagine their owner is fussing another pooch, study finds

Even DOGS get jealous! Pups display envious behaviours when they merely imagine that their owner is interacting with another pooch, study finds Scientists studied 18 dogs and their owners to see how jealous the dog gets   They saw their human near to a fake dog and were then divided by a screen   Even when the … Read more

More than 20% of Gen Z-ers say they will NOT get a Covid vaccine, survey finds

More than one-fifth of Generation Z says they don’t plan to get a coronavirus vaccine when it comes available to them, a new survey finds. Conducted by STAT-Harris Poll, it showed that 23 percent of 18-to-24 year olds are not going to receive a COVID-19 shot. This is a much higher percentage than the share … Read more

Modern human brain evolved as far back as 1.7 million years ago, study finds

Modern human brains are ‘relatively young’ and only evolved as far back as 1.7 million years ago after the earliest humans first dispersed from Africa, a new study claims.   Researchers used computed tomography to examine the skulls of Homo fossils that lived in Africa and Asia between 1 million and 2 million years ago.  They … Read more

Calls to ban ‘Chelsea Tractors’ adverts after report finds 75 per cent are used for city school runs

By Tom Pyman and for MailOnline and Rob Hull for This is Money  Grants for electric cars are set to be slashed by £500 and won’t apply to the best-selling Tesla vehicle any more under new plans. A government drive to encourage more green vehicles on the road has seen it subsidisie 35 per cent … Read more

Prozac and a drug used to treat THRUSH ‘potently impaired’ Covid in lab tests, study finds 

Prozac and a drug used to treat THRUSH ‘potently impaired’ Covid in lab tests, study finds Lab tests showed impaired replication of the coronavirus in lab tests  This was seen when remdesevir was combined with  itraconazole and Prozac  Antifungal drug itraconazole is used to treat thrush and infected toenails Prozac is a very common drug prescribed as an … Read more

Without Remorse trailer finds Michael B. Jordan unravelling an international conspiracy

Michael B. Jordan steps into the spy-filled world of late author Tom Clancy in the final trailer for Amazon Studios’ Without Remorse. Jordan, 34, portrays John Kelly in this action-thriller, based on the 1993 novel by Clancy which serves as his origin story before changing his name to John Clark. Clark has been portrayed in … Read more

Mother finds out her son’s bride is her long-lost DAUGHTER on their wedding day

Mother finds out her son’s bride is her long-lost DAUGHTER on their wedding day (and marriage goes ahead because the groom had been adopted)  A woman discovered her long-lost daughter was her son’s bride on wedding day   The woman was reportedly able to recognise her daughter from a birth mark The bride and her mother … Read more

Aged 47 and with aches all over? You’ve hit middle age! Study finds tell-tale signs of ageing

Aged 47 and with aches all over? You’ve hit middle age! Feeling stiff, getting a belly and not knowing what songs are in the charts are tell-tale signs of ageing, study finds A study of 2,000 adults has found the tell-tale signs of becoming middle aged These included feeling stiff all over, getting a belly, … Read more