Flotilla of small boats launched Dunkirk-like rescue in Mozambique

A flotilla of small boats launched a Dunkirk-like rescue of thousands of survivors of a terror attack in Mozambique, it has emerged.  The boats transported people from Palma, which was stormed by hundreds of gunmen last week, to the town of Pemba, 150 miles further down the Mozambican coast.  Brendon Bekker, the Zimbabwean director of … Read more

Nothing to see here! Tom Brady pokes fun at his giggly wobbly walk after Super Bowl flotilla parade

Tom Brady has joined the internet in poking fun at the video of his wobbly and drunken departure from a boat following a flotilla parade in Florida Wednesday to celebrate his record seventh Super Bowl win.   The 43-year-old Buccaneers quarterback was filmed irrepressibly giggling as he staggered off a boat in downtown Tampa yesterday, while … Read more

HMS Queen Elizabeth leads flotilla of ships as new carrier strike group assembles for first time

These images show Britain’s HMS Queen Elizabeth leading the largest and most powerful task force assembled by a European Navy in almost 20 years. The £3billion aircraft carrier – the joint largest in the Royal Navy’s history – was the crown jewel in a flotilla of nine ships which form the UK’s new Carrier Strike … Read more