Resignation of Alibeaj/ Alimehmeti: Normal after the dramatic defeat that led the DP to the fourth force in Tirana

18:12 17/05/2023 Ilir Alimehmeti of the “Together We Win” coalition says that Enkelejd Alibeaj’s decision to resign as the commanding chairman of the Democratic Party is natural after a dramatic defeat, as he adds that it was normal, since, as the PD emphasizes, there was strength fourth in the May 14 elections in Tirana. Invited … Read more

The meeting between Rama and Sunak is revealed. Immigrant Data Exchange, Prison Task Force

21:22 23/03/2023 The Albanian and British governments clarified the issues that received the most attention between Prime Ministers Rama and Sunak in a joint statement after Thursday’s meeting. In addition to the Task Force agreed in December, Rama and Sunak decided to advance cooperation in addressing illegal migration and criminal human trafficking gangs. The focus … Read more

Berisha: We are in the initial stages of civil disobedience, we do not go to the force

14:02 14/02/2023 The leadership of the Democratic Party has gathered at the blue headquarters. At the beginning of the meeting, the chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, spoke, who stated that what he called the revolution will continue peacefully. During his speech, the chief democrat Berisha stated that the DP is in the first … Read more

Berisha: Protest in every session before the Assembly. We do not take power by force

19:57 12/02/2023 A day after the protest, Sali Berisha gathered the heads of Tirana branches to communicate the next step. The revolution of the opposition, which according to him started on Saturday, will continue until the fall of the government. One of the forms of expression of citizens’ revolt will be the protest in front … Read more

Berisha: This political force does not take power with violence, but only with votes!

19:05 12/02/2023 Believing that the peaceful democratic revolution will not stop, Sali Berisha emphasized that this revolution is peaceful, of means of civil disobedience, not with weapons. “We will overthrow this regime, with the means of civil disobedience and finally with the free vote. We know no other form of power. This political force does … Read more

The National Council of the Democratic Party meets, Berisha: This year is the most unprecedented in the history of a political force

17:48 20/12/2022 The National Council of the Democratic Party met this afternoon. The President of the DP Sali Berisha declared from the blue headquarters that this year has been difficult, calling it the most unfavorable in the history of a political force. Berisha: This was a difficult year for DP, I would call it an … Read more

Gjiknuri meeting with immigrants in Greece: Invest savings in Albania, SP the only force that supports compatriots

10:01 02/10/2022 The General Secretary of the Socialist Party Damian Gjiknuri accompanied by the Organizational Secretary Blendi Klosi, the Secretary for Electoral and Legal Affairs Eridian Salianji, the Minister of Defense Niko Peleshi, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Artemis Dralo held a meeting with the SP structures and supporters who live they work in … Read more

Border Force intercepts five migrants crossing Channel after 44 made crossing yesterday

Border Force intercepts five migrants crossing the Channel in rough conditions after 44 made the dangerous crossing yesterday A boat carrying five men was intercepted by Border Force at Dover, Kent, today    Several boats attempting to cross from France turned back due to bad weather  French authorities intercepted 49 migrants who attempted to cross yesterday … Read more

Fury at ‘crazy’ floating parking bays in Edinburgh that force cars into the middle of the road

Locals have slammed a ‘crazy’ new Covid road layout intended to encourage more cycling and walking – with floating parking spaces forcing traffic into the middle of the road and a bike lane that people are ‘too scared’ to use.  Longstone Road in Edinburgh includes a cycle lanes on either side and parking spaces at … Read more