Breezy new book reveals how to read nature’s own weather forecast

WEATHER   The Secret World Of Weather By Tristan Gooley (Sceptre £20, 384 pp) Here is the local weather forecast, presented by Mother Nature: sheep are huddling together, spiders are spinning smaller webs, the scarlet pimpernel flower is beginning to close its petals and aircraft vapour trails are spreading out across the sky. After studying The … Read more

ALEX BRUMMER: IMF perks up its forecast after Uncle Sam saves the day

Joe Biden is riding a wave of optimism following the passage of his $1.9trillion (£1.4trillion) fiscal package.  There may be more to come should the White House manage to steer proposals for a further £1.44trillion of climate change and infrastructure spending through a Congress jittery about debt levels. As the International Monetary Fund’s spring World … Read more

A ‘pollen bomb’ is forecast over the Easter weekend

Hay fever sufferers may want to stay indoors this weekend as forecasters warn of a ‘pollen bomb’ bringing with it some of the highest levels of tree pollen this year. The warning comes from Kleenex and Allergy UK, who have launched a new ‘Pollen Pal’ tool, giving a three day pollen count forecast to help … Read more

Temperatures will plunge to -10C this weekend with Big Freeze forecast

Winter roars back! Temperatures will plunge to -10C this weekend with Big Freeze forecast after days of sunny spring-like weather Forecasters warned that plunging temperatures could soon be sweeping across the UK by the weekend Glens in Scotland could see mercury levels drop to -10C by Saturday as cold front makes way across country Tonight … Read more

Government scientists forecast another 91,000 deaths if Covid lockdown rules were scrapped in April 

Hopes of lifting England’s third national lockdown earlier were crushed after SAGE advisers warned that easing restrictions would lead to a ‘significantly higher’ number of infections and a potential extra 90,000 deaths.  Under an initial scenario, Prime Minister Boris Johnson had planned to reopen outdoor pubs and restaurants, outdoor attractions and non-essential shops un time … Read more

ADRIAN THRILLS: The forecast is bright for Tamara Lindeman 

THE WEATHER STATION: Ignorance (Fat Possum) Verdict: Dispels the clouds Rating: BLACK COUNTRY, NEW ROAD: For The First Time (Ninja Tune) Verdict: Roller-coaster debut Rating: THE BAND: Stage Fright (Capitol) Verdict: Rock standard revisited Rating: Tamara Lindeman was a promising actress before she turned seriously to music 12 years ago. Using the stage name Tamara Hope, … Read more

IMF downgrades UK growth forecast for this year to 4.5 per cent

IMF downgrades UK growth forecast for this year to 4.5 per cent as renewed Covid lockdowns smother recovery The IMF has downgraded its forecast for the UK’s growth amid fresh lockdowns  Body now expects 4.5 per cent expansion this year as rest of Europe suffers Wider outlook for the world has improved and hope for … Read more

New CDC forecast predicts US coronavirus death toll will reach up to 508,000 by February 13

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) predict that up to 508,000 Americans could die of COVID-19 in less than one month. Published on Wednesday, the ‘ensemble’ forecast combines 37 independent forecasts of coronavirus deaths over the next four weeks into one projection. The forecast predicts that between 22,500 and 23,300 deaths from the virus … Read more

MARKET REPORT: Genus hits record high as it beefs up profit forecast

Shares in animal genetics business Genus hit an all-time high as it brought home the bacon for investors. The company, which selectively breeds livestock and sells bull and pig sperm to farmers, said it was hiking its profit forecasts following a ‘strong’ performance in the six months to December 31. It is now expecting a … Read more

Brain implant ‘can forecast epileptic seizures days beforehand’

Brain implant that monitors neural activity can forecast epilepsy seizures several days in advance – allowing patients to avoid triggers Device sits on the skull and underneath the scalp and connects to an electrode  Researchers studied ten years of brain activity data from 18 patients Fund their seizures were often preceded with unusual brain activity  By Joe Pinkstone For … Read more