Berisha: The primaries, the passport of the opening and fundamental change of the DP

17:44 23/11/2022 The Democratic Party gathered the Presidency this Wednesday. Its head, Sali Berisha, said that the primaries are now the passport to the opening and fundamental change of the Democratic Party. Along with the issue of the primaries, Berisha said that the opposition action as a whole will be discussed at the meeting today. … Read more

‘Fundamental flaw’ in cladding rescue scheme means some won’t get help unless they fix other issues 

The great cladding fund farce: ‘Fundamental flaw’ in Government rescue scheme means flat owners won’t get help if they can’t afford to fix other safety issues Housing Secretary recently announced extra £3.5billion to replace cladding Thousands of flat owners missing out because of scheme’s ‘fundamental flaw’ Since been revealed even eligible blocks could be denied … Read more

Expert warns of ‘fundamental ethical concerns’ over vaccine passports

An expert has today warned of ‘fundamental ethical concerns’ over vaccine passports. Dr Sarah Chan, a bioethicist at Edinburgh University, said state-issued documentation showing whether someone has received the Covid jab could risk ‘creating a false sense of security’. She explained that proof of having the vaccination does not fully guarantee that a person cannot contract … Read more

Priti Patel vows ‘fundamental reform’ of asylum law tackling deportation delays

Priti Patel vows ‘fundamental reform’ of asylum law tackling deportation delays on ‘human rights’ grounds and making it easier to kick out criminals as she bids to put bully row behind her Priti Patel vowed to introduce ‘fundamental reform’ to Brtain’s asylum system Pledged to make it easier to expel migrants without legitimate right to … Read more

BBC must look BEYOND Oxbridge: Tim Davie will launch ‘fundamental’ overhaul of recruitment process

JON SOPEL, £245,000-a-year BBC salary: Jon Sopel, 60, is paid up to £245,000 a year in his role as the broadcaster’s North America Editor, covering all aspects of US news including politics, policy and business. But the presenter last year sparked a conflict of interest row after accepting tens of thousands of pounds from the biggest bank … Read more

Ofqual chief says adopting results algorithm was a ‘fundamental mistake’

The chairman of Ofqual today claimed Gavin Williamson was urged not to cancel exams and the A-level results debacle had ‘rapidly’ got out of control under the leadership of the Education Secretary.  Roger Taylor told the Education Select Committee that earlier this year the regulator had made clear to Mr Williamson that it believed the … Read more