Covid-19 can hit body’s immune system causing GANGRENE and arthritis

From a dry cough to a loss of sense of smell, Covid-19 is associated with a range of unpleasant symptoms. Now, a new study has warned of another side effect being experienced by some Covid-19 patients – gangrene. Researchers have warned that Covid-19 can cause long-term muscle and joint issues, including arthritis, gangrene and ‘Covid … Read more

Covid-19 can lead to GANGRENE, study warns 

Covid-19 can lead to GANGRENE: Virus causes the body to ATTACK itself leading to severe, long-term muscle and joint pain, MRI scans reveal MRI scans visualised the causes of muscle and joint pain in Covid-19 patients They suggest Covid-19 can cause issues including gangrene and arthritis Virus triggers the body’s immune system to attack itself, … Read more

Russian girl, seven, has arm amputated after aunt’s beatings left her with gangrene on wounds 

A seven-year-old girl developed necrosis and had her forearm amputated after enduring months of domestic abuse in Russia. Little Aisha Azhygova became disabled and will need years of psychological recovery following constant batteries she suffered at the hands of her aunt-in-law Makka Ganieva, 36, a court in Sunzha, southwestern Russia heard. The details of Aisha’s … Read more