Sajid Javid says school ‘bubbles’ will be scrapped from July 19

Sajid Javid says school ‘bubbles’ will be scrapped from July 19 ‘Freedom Day’ despite Boris Johnson suggesting the change will not be made until September as parents, pupils and teachers face uncertainty Sajid Javid said school ‘bubbles’ will be scrapped from ‘Freedom Day’ on July 19   Boris Johnson previously suggested change will not be made … Read more

Gavin Williamson ‘is pleading with Boris to make him chief whip’ in reshuffle

Gavin Williamson ‘is pleading with Boris to make him chief whip’ in reshuffle as Tory MPs brand him a ‘failure’ who should be ‘forgotten’ MPs convinced Gavin Williamson is pushing to become chief whip in reshuffle Mark Spencer is believed to want Defra when Boris Johnson overhauls his team Aides insisted that Mr Williamson is … Read more

Home-schooled children lacked ‘discipline and order’ during lockdown says Gavin Williamson

The Covid-generation of home-schooled children lack ‘discipline and order’ after being stuck at home during lockdown, says Gavin Williamson. The Education Secretary has backed a mobile phones ban in schools, saying it is ‘now time to put the screens away’ as the return to classrooms rendered remote learning – which relied on internet-accessible devises – redundant. He … Read more

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson says investing in teacher training is ‘crucial’

Investing in the next generation of teachers is ‘crucial’ to the Government’s long-term recovery plans, and central to closing the attainment gap between children, the Education Secretary said. But the leader of a teaching union has accused the secretary of state of failing to address ‘many serious issues’ affecting teachers’ morale and working conditions, while … Read more

CRAIG BROWN: My gossipy, quick-witted ex-editor Sarah Sands on a global hunt for monastic peace

The Interior Silence: 10 Lessons From Monastic Life Sarah Sands                                                                                    Short Books £12.99 Rating: … Read more

Theresa May says sacking Gavin Williamson over Huawei leak allowed security chiefs to ‘speak freely’

Theresa May defended firing Gavin Williamson as defence secretary over a leak from a security meeting about Huawei today, saying his departure allowed security officials to ‘speak freely’ again. The former prime minister said that the 2019 incident in which material from a National Security Council meeting about the Chinese tech giant was leaked to the … Read more

Ofsted chief Amanda Spielman warns lockdown has created an ‘epidemic of demotivated children’

Schools have been unable to avoid an ‘epidemic of demotivated children’ in lockdown, England’s chief schools inspector said today.   Amanda Spielman told the conference of the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) that young children have lost skills as basic as ‘using a pencil’ during months of home learning. She added that some parents have simply … Read more

Gavin Williamson categorically rules out ditching GCSEs

Gavin Williamson categorically rules out ditching GCSEs as he says exams at 16 ‘are going to be there for an awful lot longer’ as he warns Covid has caused the ‘single greatest disruption to our education system since the Second World War’ Gavin Williamson told unions ‘we are absolutely going to be keeping GCSEs’ Some … Read more

Doctor accuses Government of ‘ruining kids’ education’ after son is sent home after just ONE day

Doctor accuses Gavin Williamson of ‘ruining kids’ education’ as her son is ALREADY isolating at home after a classmate ‘tested positive’ for Covid on a lateral flow test – but came back negative on the more reliable PCR test Dr Rachel Clarke, a palliative care doctor from Oxfordshire, tweeted her frustration after her son was forced … Read more

Labour’s Jon Ashworth hints he would back nurses STRIKING over pay row

Labour’s Jon Ashworth hints he would back nurses going on STRIKE over ‘insulting’ 1% pay rise as ministers insist Covid economic meltdown means the government cannot afford more Labour’s John Ashworth insisted he supports nurses’ right to strike over pay row Ministers have defended the 1 per cent pay increase proposed for NHS workers Government … Read more